Tool: 2 Sold out Colorado Dates

Tool kicks off their 2022 tour today in Eugene Oregon. On the 27th and 28th of this month they come through Colorado stopping first in Denver to play the Ball Arena. The following night they head to Colorado Springs to play the Broadmoor World Arena. I will of course be at both shows and though I am excited about both I am really looking forward to the Colorado Springs night. The Broadmoor World Arena is probably as small of a venue your going to get seeing Tool! I have been there several times and there is not a single bad seat there.

As most of you know Maynard doesn’t allow people to take photos or videos during their show, however I am hoping to grab a couple of pics to share with all of you along with my review from both nights.

Here is something that i also heard today that i thought was interesting. Tool along with several other bands like Metallica will be using dogs at their shows to help identify people with covid. The venues still require vaccination cards or proof of a negative covid test from within 3 days. the radio station that mentioned the dog story didn’t say what would happen if the dog identified someone with covid. I would assume they could prevent you from being allowed in the venue for the show. Which brings in a lot of questions from, will they refund you for the ticket you bought? Also how effective are these dogs at really identifying people with covid? I guess this will be an interesting story to continue to follow and as i find out more I will be sure to share it with all of you!

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