The Black Keys / Red Rocks

As more concerts are being announced when I saw the Black Keys were coming to Red Rocks I knew I wanted to get tickets. Today they went on sale and though I just got the cheap GA tickets, I am excited for this concert. The were supposed to be here in July of 2020, but due to Covid they ended up cancelling that tour. I didn’t have tickets for that show and the only tickets on sale at that time were over $200 each. At that price with fees and other taxes still not included I wasn’t going to go. However, now that I bought these the day they went on sale I was able to get 2 tickets for a reasonable price $95 each before tax and fees. Jess also decided to pay for the tickets and call them an early anniversary gift for our upcoming anniversary in April. This will be her first time seeing them and my second. I will have pics and a full review after the show on my concert page!

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