420 Weed/Flower and THC Concentrate Reviews

Weed / Flower Strains

501st OG Indica 23.3% THC
9 Pound Strawberry Hybrid 31.47% THC
Abbie’s Road Indica 24.91 THC
Afghani Indica 17.59% THC
Afgoo Indica Hybrid 25.53% THC
Agent Rose Hybrid 25.3% THC
AJ’s Sativa Hybrid 23.46% THC
AK 47 Sativa Hybrid 16.49% THC
Alien Haze Sativa Hybrid 28.88% THC
Alien Rock Candy Indica Hybrid 28.47% THC
Amnesia Lemon Sativa 22.98% THC (Medical)
Amarelo Sativa Hybrid 20.17% THC
Apple Fritters Indica Hybrid 24.9% THC (Veritas Grow)
Apple Pie Hybrid 21.12% THC
Apples & Cream Hybrid 28.74% THC
Aspen OG Sativa Hybrid 18.96% THC
Ayahausha Purple Indica 14.74% THC (Medical)
Bananaghani Indica THC 23.95%
Banana Kush Indica THC 23.9%
Banana Punch Hybrid 24.21% THC
Banana Runtz Indica Hybrid 27.99% THC
Banana Zkittles Indica Hybrid 31.38% THC
Banner Sativa 18.16% THC (Medical)
Bazookies Indica 24.21% THC
Berry Creme Indica Hybrid 21.88% THC
Big Bubba Diesel Sativa Hybrid 18.12% THC
Biker OZ Indica 22.49% THC
Blackberry Octane Indica Hybrid 19.63% THC
Black Jack Sativa Hybrid 16.26% THC
Blood Honey 6 Hybrid THC 27.19%
Blueberry Headband 15.90% THC
Blueberry Lemonade Hybrid 22.2% THC
Blue Dream Sativa Hybrid 25.67% THC (Medical)
Blue Hash Plant Indica Hybrid 26.68% THC
Blue Sherbert Indica Hybrid 21.06% THC
Bosscoti Indica Hybrid 22.12% THC
Bubba Berry Indica 18.79% THC
Bubba Mac Indica 22.53% THC
Captain Trips Hybrid 22.74% THC
Cat Nip Hybrid 23.70% THC
Cats Under The Stars Indica 29.36% THC
Cereal Milk Hybrid 29.7% THC
Cheddar Popcorn Sativa Hybrid 25.23% THC
Chem Squeezy Sativa Hybrid 26.81% THC
Chemdawg Super Skunk Hybrid 23.4% THC
Chemodo Dragon Sativa Hybrid 19.46% THC
Cherry Berry Sativa Hybrid 18.83% THC
Cherry Cake Hybrid 23.98% THC
Cherry Diesel Sativa 33.46% THC (Medical)
Cherry Hills Hybrid 13.79% THC
Cherry Kush Mints Indica Hybrid 25.38% THC
Cherry Punch Indica Hybrid 23.84% THC
Chocolope Sativa 18.9% THC
Citrus Sap Hybrid 25.79% THC
Clovis Kush Indica Hybrid 16.96% THC
Colorado Cool-Aid Hybrid 28.69% THC
Commerce City Kush Indica 31.08% THC
Concord Crush Indica Hybrid 19.23% THC
Confucius Kush Indica Hybrid 14.61% THC
Cookies & Cream Indica Hybrid 20.3% THC
Cookies Hybrid 15.69% THC
Crescendo #11 Sativa Hybrid 18.91 THC
Crescendo Sour Cookies Sativa Hybrid 26.75% THC
Cuerno Verda OG Indica Hybrid 17.9% THC
Darksaber Indica Hybrid 23.2% THC
Delirious George Sativa Hybrid 28.47% THC
Dirty Squirt Indica Hybrid 28.83% THC
Doc’s Cake Indica 18.1% THC
Dolato Indica Hybrid 32.84% THC (Medical)
Donkey Butter Indica Hybrid 25.7% THC
Don Shula Hybrid THC 24.59%
Double Lemon Pie Hybrid 18.7% THC
Durban Kush Indica Hybrid 19.22% THC
Electric Lemonade Hybrid 23.42% THC
Emperors Breath Indica Hybrid 18.35% THC
Extra Pulp Sativa 34.46% THC
Extreme Cream Indica Hybrid THC 18.79%
Fairy Godmother Sativa 18.59% THC
Flavor Crystals Hybrid 27.04% THC
Flight Miles Indica 20.34% THC
Forbidden Melonz Indica Hybrid 20.27% THC
Frankenberry Sativa 26.2% THC
Free Mac Indica Hybrid 27.87% THC (Medical)
Frost Sativa Hybrid 26.17% THC
Frosted Cherry Cookies #1 Sativa Hybrid 31.53% THC
Frosted Cherry Cookies #2 Sativa Hybrid 31.53% THC
Fruity Pebble OG Indica Hybrid 14.31% THC
Fruity Pebbles OG Indica Hybrid 29.7% THC
Funyunz Hybrid THC 27.07%
Garlic Breath Hybrid 27.20% THC
Gary Payton Hybrid 27.09% THC
Gelato Cake Indica 20.88% THC
Gelonde Hybrid 28.46% THC
Gello Hybrid 29.24% THC
Ghostship Indica 20.24% THC
Glass Slipper Hybrid 17.77% THC
Glue Indica 26.91% THC
Glueball Hybrid 18.86% THC
GMO Indica 27.2% THC
Goji OG Sativa Hybrid 25.85% THC
Golden Goat Sativa 25.9% THC
Gooey Banana Sativa Hybrid 21.05% THC
Gorilla Breath Indica Hybrid 23.19% THC
Ghost Dawg Indica Hybrid 27.49% THC
Granola Funk Indica Hybrid 21.82% THC
Grape Blue Glue Hybrid 23.49% THC
Grape Cream Cake re-review Indica THC 28.47%
Grape Drank Hybrid 25.5% THC
Grapefruit Diesel Sativa 21.09% THC
Grape Mints Indica Hybrid 35.7% THC
Grape Stomper Hybrid 21% THC
Grape Cream Cake Indica THC 28.14 THC
Grape Inferno Indica Hybrid 24.73% THC
Grease Ball Indica Hybrid 18.39% THC
Green Apple Hybrid 19.59% THC
Grim Bastard Indica Hybrid 21.67% THC
Grumpz Indica Hybrid 27% THC
Gushers X MiaTia Hybrid 20.8% THC
Hazelnut Cream Hybrid THC 21.24%
Hercules Sativa Hybrid THC 23.13%
High Octane Guava Sativa THC 29.36%
Hippie Crasher Hybrid THC 21.71%
Honey B #4 Sativa THC 26.55%
Honolulu Strange Sativa Hybrid THC 25.25%
Hot Rod Indica Hybrid THC 30.05%
Huckleberry Sativa 25.7% THC
Hulkamania Hybrid THC 24.31%
I-95 Hybrid THC 29.19% (Top Shelf)
Ice Box Pie #8 Hybrid THC 31.11% (Medical)
Ice Cream Cake Indica Hybrid THC 28.97%
Ice Cream Man Indica Hybrid THC 32.36%
Infinity N Beyond Hybrid 20% THC
Ingrid Indica Hybrid THC 18.86%
Interdimensional Cable Indica 24.41% THC
Island Twist Sativa Hybrid THC 16.99%
Jackie Glue Sativa Hybrid THC 21.9%
Jenny Kush Hybrid THC 30.03%
Jet Fuel OG Sativa Hybrid THC 29.37%
Joe Mamma Sativa Hybrid THC 15.31%
Jungle Cheese Sativa THC 26%
Koko Puffs Indica 19.44% THC
Kombucha Sativa 25.1% THC
Kosher Toad Indica Hybrid THC 30.23 (Medical)
Kush Mints Indica Hybrid THC 28.86%
Larry OG Indica Hybrid THC 25.11%
Last Supper Hybrid 22.09% THC
Lato 95 Hybrid THC 25.28%
Lemmiwinks Indica 20.52% THC
Lemon Cherry Gelato Indica Hybrid 23.9% THC
Lemon Creamsicle Sativa Hybrid THC 24.95% (Medical)
Lemonge Popcorn Sativa Hybrid 21.11% THC
Lemon Pound Cake Sativa Hybrid THC 28.93%
Lost Cause Indica Hybrid THC 24.19%
Love In The Afternoon Hybrid 22.83% THC
Lucky Train Haze Sativa Hybrid THC 18.94%
Mac Indica Hybrid THC 22.57%
Mac N Cheese Sativa Hybrid THC 23.91%
Mandarin Beltz Hybrid THC 27.5%
Mandarin Zkittles Indica THC 21.63%
Master Jack Indica 26.9% THC
Marshmallow OG Indica 23.74% THC (Medical)
McFlurry Indica Hybrid THC 26.05% (Medical)
Mega Runtz Sativa Hybrid THC 26.74%
Member Berry Indica Hybrid THC 18.52%
Member OG Indica THC 21.1%
Menage Hybrid THC 37.96%
Mexican Haze Sativa Hybrid THC 26.21%
Milky Weigh Indica Hybrid 20.72% THC
Mind Flayer Indica Hybrid THC 18.67%
Mint Smash #12 Hybrid THC 19.41%
Modified Grapes Indica THC 37.55%
Muscadine Indica Hybrid THC 20.03%
Mr Nasty Indica THC 34.5%
N2O Hybrid 22.19% THC
Natty Rems OG Indica 13.96% THC
OG Brulee Indica THC 16.22%
Old Time Bubble Gum Indica THC 18.68% Willie Reserve
Orangeade Sativa Hybrid
Orange Cookies Kush Sativa Hybrid THC 28.53% (Medical)
Orange Ice Pop Hybrid THC
Orange Obliviate Sativa Hybrid 23.77% THC
Oreoz Indica Hybrid 22.19% THC
Original Glue Hybrid THC 26.78%
Pachamama Sativa Hybrid THC 17.57%
Pad Thai Indica Hybrid 22.65% THC
Papa Don Indica Hybrid THC 21.43%
Papaya Cake Indica Hybrid THC 28.58%
Passionfruit Sativa 24.3% THC
Peach Crescendo Indica Hybrid 27.91% THC
Peach lemonade Hybrid 21.845 THC (Medical)
Peach Maraschino Hybrid 20.14% THC (Medical)
Peach Pie Indica Hybrid THC 23.34%
Peanut Butter & Jelly Hybrid THC 19.16%
Pie Face Indica Hybrid THC 15.01-23.81%
Pillow Factory Hybrid THC 25.07%
Pineapple Blast Sativa THC 21.06%
Pink Animal Mints Hybrid THC 29.78%
Pippa Indica Hybrid THC 23.96%
Pudding Pop Hybrid THC 27.21%
Purple Fluffy Bunnyz Indica Hybrid THC 21.6%
Purple Marmalade Indica Hybrid THC 27.47
Purple OG Indica THC 16.22%
Purple Panda Hybrid THC 19.84%
Purple Sage Hybrid THC 22.28%
Purple Sunset Indica THC 24%
Pyxy Stxy Indica THC 26.34%
Raspberry Beret Hybrid 19.45% THC
Red Runtz Hybrid THC 28.82%
Roasted Garlic Margy Indica Hybrid THC 26%
Root Canal Indica Hybrid 20% THC
San Fernando Valley OG Indica 35.01% THC (Medical)
Sagerbloom Haze Sativa THC 13.47%
Samoa Sativa Hybrid THC 24.16%
Scarlett Fire Red Hybrid THC 25.1% (Medical)
Scooby Snax Indica 23.26% THC
Sherbacio Indica Hybrid THC 37.6
Sherbert Highway Hybrid THC 21.14%
Skunk Berry Hybrid THC 19.82%
Slap And Tickle Hybrid 26.93% THC
Slurricane Indica Hybrid THC 25.17%
Snickerz Indica THC 24.19%
Snowball Indica Hybrid THC 21.6%
Sour Cake (Home Grown)
Sour Granny Smith Sativa 18.91% THC
Sour GMO Cookies Hybrid THC 31.56%
Sour Melon #1 Indica Hybrid 27.61% THC
Sour Orange Zkittlez Sativa Hybrid 17.75% THC
Sour Patch Kids Sativa Hybrid THC 30.75%
Sour Rado Hybrid 24.69% THC
Sour Strawberry Hybrid THC 21.76%
Space Monkey Hybrid THC 25.15%
Space Runtz Hybrid THC 20.42%
Sparrow King Indica Hybrid 24.3% THC
Spray Tan Indica THC 17.3%
Spunday Indica Hybrid THC 21.4% Willie’s Reserve (Top Shelf)
Starcookies Hybrid THC 30.14%
Star Killer OG Indica Hybrid THC 25.3%
Strawberry Cough Sativa Hybrid THC 23.36%
Strawberry Gary Sativa 20.9% THC
Strawberry Glue Indica Hybrid THC 18.84%
Strawberry Guava Indica Hybrid 25.32% THC
Strawberry Milk Indica Hybrid THC 26.92% (Veritas)
Strawberry Shortcake Indica Hybrid THC 32.71%
Street Urchin Indica Hybrid 19.06% THC
Sueno Sativa Hybrid THC 23.32%
Sueno #2 Sativa Hybrid 22.1% THC
Sunburn Sativa Hybrid THC 14.24%
Sundae Sunset Indica Hybrid THC 26.53% (Medical)
Super Lemon Slazer Sativa THC 26.79%
Super Skunk (Home grown)
Supreme Indica Hybrid 21.06% THC
Sweat Helmet Indica Hybrid THC 30.69%
Sweet Grease Indica Hybrid THC 22.72%
Tally Mon Indica Hybrid THC 27.05%
Tangelo Sativa THC 27.35%
Tangerine Kush Indica Hybrid THC 21.5%
Tangidos Indica Hybrid THC 19.69%
Tart Pop 4 Indica Hybrid 17.76% THC (Medical)
Tarts Hybrid 21.8% THC (Medical)
Ten Second Tom Hybrid THC 28.35%
The Sauce Sativa Hybrid 26.18% THC
Titty Sprinkles Hybrid THC 12.8 THC
Toaster Strudel Hybrid 25.6% THC
Triangle Kush Indica THC 20.03%
Triangle Kush x Fruity OG Hybrid 24.06% THC
Triple Diesel Sativa 24.33% THC (Medical)
Trixxx Sativa THC 21.03%
Trop Santo Hybrid THC 28.39%
Tropaya Hybrid THC 28.51%
Turning Violet Hybrid 16.52% THC
Unicorn Poop Indica 24.55% THC
Vader OG Indica 27.19% THC
Vanilla Gorilla Indica THC 27.88%
Velo Hybrid 25.44 THC
Wedding Cake Indica THC 21-25%
White Hot Guava Indica THC 20.56%
Whooty Melon Indica Hybrid THC 20.36% (Top Shelf)
Why U Gelly Indica Hybrid THC 20.33%
WRX 99 Hybrid THC 27.53%
Yuck Mouth Indica 30.28% THC
Z Cube Hybrid 22.4% THC

THC Wax Concentrates

Monkey Shine Sativa 77.7% THC

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