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What are people saying about Dan's 420 Chronicles

I love all the shirts and hoodies. Great art work and designs. I have several of the shirts in my wardrobe. Looking forward to getting more soon! They are always fun to wear out in public or just hanging out at home. My boyfriend also has a few shirts. Sometimes we both wear when we go out!
Jeanice Ford
Great new site design! Its much easier to navigate compared to the first one. You always post great content (awesome pot pics). I also really enjoy following you on Social Media! Keep up the great work!
Pedro Lima
I am absolutely a huge fan of the YouTube videos. Im of course subscribed and always excited when new videos are added. I really like the new section just added "FrHighDay Night Weed Reviews" and who doesn't get a laugh on the blooper videos. Looking forward to seeing more!
Katty Pierce
The recipes on the site are great. There are several of them I use regularly. The videos are always fun to watch. Later this month I plan to order my first Dan's 420 Chronicles apron! I already have a couple shirts and hoodies!
Laura Kyle

We are all bud bothers & Sisters here my Stoner family

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