New concert reviews added

I know it has been a while since I updated my blog. I just have been busy with other projects, and I wasn’t able to put the same amount of time and energy into the 420 as I was before. This doesn’t mean that I am done with the 420 stuff, it just means i won’t be updating it as often with things like blog posts or weed reviews. I will be doing some weed reviews but maybe only a couple a month instead of weekly. I will, however, continue to update my concert pictures and reviews. In fact, I just added 2 new reviews Papa Roach / Falling in Reverse and Bruce Springsteen. Please take a moment to check them out and as I said as I have new concerts, I will continue to update this regularly. I hope to get back to weekly weed reviews as well as some other fun 420 projects but until then you can still follow me on my other social media platforms:

Twitter: @dan_chronicles
Instagram: Dan’s 420 Chronicles

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