Rockzilla with Papa Roach, Falling in Reverse and Hollywood Undead at the broadmoor world arena in Colorado Springs, Co 2/22/23

This was the first concert of 2023 that Jess and I attended. We had talked about buying tickets for this show for a long time. We even looked at buying VIP so that we could get on the rail. We ended up waiting too long and not only did GA sell out but so did all the VIP packages. We still wanted to go so we just bought a couple of seat tickets. We were in section 209 which wasn’t that bad. Though to be honest there isn’t a bad seat at the Broadmoor World Arena. We did end up carpooling with my daughter and her friend. Though they had GA tickets. The day of the show it had been snowing all day. My daughter and I drove up to Springs early in the day to pick up my dogs remains, he had passed a few days earlier. On that drive there and back the roads were fine even though it snowed that whole time. However, by the time we were ready to leave again that afternoon the roads had started to get bad and it was snowing harder than it was earlier. Since the weather conditions were worse than earlier it did take longer to get to Springs. We got there after doors were open but that was fine since Jess and I had seats. Before going in I sat in the car and had a drink and smoked a bowl. While we were sitting there a friend I knew from other shows parked almost right next to us. It was funny because earlier he had messaged me saying we should meet up once we got there. We ended up meeting up again with him and his girlfriend after we got in.

The walk from the car to the venue was like walking through a blizzard. It was snowing hard and the wind was blowing hard. It wasn’t that long of a walk but it still was a walk since we parked at the end of the lot so we didn’t get stuck in the lot at the end when we were ready to leave. Not only did we have to walk through that but I had to stop at the box office for our tickets which is outside. Thankfully that didn’t take too long and we were able to pretty much walk right in after that. As we walked in the first band was already playing. Instead of going to our seats right away we got in line for a drink. I picked what I thought was the shortest line. It might have been but it was also the slowest line. There was one single older lady working all by herself and she just wasn’t very quick. By the time we got our drinks the first band had already finished their set so we didn’t see them.

We did see all of Hollywood Undead’s set. This was the 2nd time I had seen them. Jess and I saw them last year at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. They put on a great set then and did so again here in Denver. At one point the singer brought someone out of the crowd and let him jam on stage with the band. They had a lot of energy and, as I said, put on a great set.

The same can be said at Falling in Reverse. They put on a high energy set too! I had also heard them play in Rockville in 2021. We didn’t watch their set but we could hear it from where we were sitting and eating at that time. It was nice to not only hear them this time but to be able to see their set. I should also mention that before they came on stage between them and Hollywood Undead Jess and I had ran to the bathroom. When she came out she had forgot her drink in there and when she went back in to get it a fight was breaking out between a couple other girls. I guess one girl l was going to throw up so she was cutting the line and some other girl called her out and they started fighting. As Jess got in there the girls who were starting to fight had just knocked over her drink. What a shame!

What can I saw about Papa Roach? I have seen them a few times and they have always put on a great show. The singer has so much energy and passion while he is on stage. There was even one point he got off stage and walked into the crowd. He made his way through the floor crowd and up the first level on the opposite side from where we were sitting. They played a lot of good songs but with so many hits there were so many other songs I wish they would have played too. Either way I wasn’t disappointed and hope that I get the chance to see them again at another show in the future.

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