More Concert Streams…Im Ready For Live Shows Again Though

It has now been over a year since I have been to a live show with the exception a few weeks ago Jess and I went to see some local bands play. One of the Bands that played was The Pot a Tool cover band. Since the pandemic some bands have resorted to doing live streams. Needing a concert fix I have rented a few of them. It started with the (not live stream) with Metallica when they did the drive in concert. That was cool but certainly not the same as being at a live show. I was really disappointed when I found out that show was a pre-recorded show and not even live. Since I have rented some live streams with bands like Bad Flower, Cage the Elephant and even Pearl Jam (again that one wasn’t a live stream but a stream from an older show they did). Concert announcements are starting to happen again and I am looking forward to getting back out there. I think our first show back will be Buckcherry but that could change. In the mean time next week Korn is doing a live stream with new music to debut. I will of course be renting this stream as Korn is in my top 5 bands, though I wish we were seeing them live and not on a stream! Needless to say it should be a good show and Im excited for it and the live shows to come back this year! Which means concerts reviews are coming back this year as well!! Stay tuned!

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