Concerts Are Coming Back…First Up Buckcherry!

I had a great time this weekend watching the Korn stream with Jess, my 2 kids and her oldest. As I mentioned before I am ready for live shows again and concert announcements are starting to happen again! Jess and I are looking at some of the concerts that have been announced and we are excited to say the first live concert we will be attending this year will be at The Sunshine Studios in the Springs with Buckcherry headlining! This will be my 3rd time seeing them I believe. Although I may have blacked out the last time I saw them. It should be a great show! I will of course have pictures and videos from the concert! There are some other concerts we plan to attend this year but I will talk about those concerts over the next couple of days. For now lets just take in the fact shows are coming back and I once again am working on my concert calendar!

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