2019: Year in Review

What a year 2019 was! There was a lot of firsts for me this year. From going to my first festival to running a half marathon up a mountain. I also met my current girlfriend this year! Where should I start? Let’s see, let’s start by mentioning this year I attended more concerts in a years time then I ever have in my life. I used to go to so many shows as a kid but nothing compared to the amount I saw this year. There were over 40 shows in total (several of the bands I had never seen live before) and some of the bands I got to see twice and even three times, something I have never really done before. I think the only other time in my life that happened is when I saw Metallica and Guns N Roses co-headline and they did 2 shows in Seattle. I went to both of those but besides that never until this year. Some of the bands I got to see more than once this year Skillet, Puddle of Mudd, Corrosion of Conformity, Korn, Shinedown, Pop Evil, Halestorm, Ghost, Hell Yeah and in my top 3, Tool!! Fever 333, was the only band I saw three times this year and they were great every time! I also for the first time got the chance to meet members from several bands and even got pictures and videos with them. I remember the first time it happened we were seeing Steel Panther and as we were sitting there in line the whole band walked right by us! It was cool I not only got to meet them and take a picture but also got a picture with me holding a joint. Shortly after that I not only got to meet Pepper from Corrosion of Conformity but I have a video of him taking a joint from me on stage then throwing me a pick and dedicating a song to me! I met him again later in the year where I was able to get a video with him and got him and Woody to sign my shirt. Other band members I met this year include the guys from Nonpoint, Lita Ford and some from lesser known bands. The Lita Ford was the only time I have ever done a meet and greet (ticket my sister won and gave to me). If you haven’t already read that review be sure to check that out. One of the cool things about that night was meeting the guys from Lola Black and doing a 420 clip with them for my channel! I have that posted up on my YouTube channel if you want to check that out. Though I have traveled before to go to concerts in the past the amount of trips I made this year was more than I have ever done before. There was the trip to Texas to see Kiss which was my first time seeing them and a concert in Texas. There was the Epicenter Festival which I traveled to North Carolina and camped out for 4 days! Met some really cool people there, friends for life and I am excited to see them there again next year in 2020. Then there was my trip to Oklahoma to see my all time favorite band Guns N’ Roses which was the first time going on a road trip with my girlfriend, first time in Oklahoma and clearly my first time seeing a concert there. With so many concerts this year its tough to narrow down to the top three but here they are and the reasons why

3. Breaking Benjamin – It’s the concert my girlfriend and I decided to be more than friends!

This was our first concert alone together and that day we decided we wanted to explore being more than friends which has become one of the best relationships I have ever had! Breaking Benjamin is her favorite band and though we weren’t together as a couple during that concert I am glad I got to experience seeing her favorite band. The concert itself was great! It was the first time I ever had a VIP pass, I didn’t get to meet the band but I got early access.

2. Tool – Two nights back to back! Oh and its Tool top 3!

This was their 2nd and 3rd show to start their tour to promote their new Album. For the first night I won tickets from the radio station and the seats were amazing. The tickets we got for the 2nd night weren’t as great but we paid less than face value. Tool is like I said top 3 for me and though my girlfriend couldn’t make it the 2nd night I am glad she got to experience seeing one of my top bands with me the 1st night! The show itself, of course was amazing both nights!! I have seen Tool countless times and they have never disappointed!!

1. Guns N Roses – Duh! its Guns N Roses my favorite band!!

This was an overall great time! First time doing a road trip with my girlfriend and to have my dad come along was great! This is the band him and I have seen together more times than any other band and the only band we have ever traveled together to see. Like I said about Tool it was also great to have my girlfriend experience seeing my all-time favorite band! Though I may have got a little out of control I did for-warn her and she was actually nothing but supportive and allowed me to enjoy the moment.

For pictures and my reviews on all the concerts I attended this year check my Concert Review / Pics page. You can also see pics and more reviews from previous years (not all shows have reviews)

Other events that took place this year was my half marathon race I did up the side of a mountain. I talked about doing that for years and even though the goal this year was to run up Pikes Peak (A 14,000 ft elevation mountain) I still completed two races one of which was still up a mountain side (7,000 ft in elevation I believe). The reason I wasn’t able to do Pikes Peak is when I was ready to register for the race they had filled all the spots. Though I have ran on and off most of my life I had never done an actual race until this year and not only did I do one but I did two and wanted to do a third. The first was only a 10 mile race but was still the furthest distance I had ever run in my life up to that point so making it 13 miles was an even bigger achievement. I am hoping to give it another run (no pun intended) next year with the end goal running up to the top of Pikes Pikes. I am also hoping to hike up to the top of a few 14,000 ft mountains next year and I am hoping that both my girlfriend and daughter will come with me. I know neither of them have done it before and its been years since I have and I would like to have that experience with both of them next year.

One of the lowest points this year was when they shut down my YouTube channel after posting videos from the Guns N’ Roses concert. My channel was just starting to build momentum. I have of course started a new channel and have changed the content since I no longer post concert footage. I also added a new section to the new channel like commercials I have created, and outtakes and bloopers. There are still several 420 clips (non concert) and all the 420 projects videos on the new channel. Next year I will be adding even more content and more sections including how to make 420 munchies and more. If you aren’t already subscribed to my channel make sure you do that to get update when new videos are added. This year we have also started a t-shirt giveaway contest that will run into next year and I plan to do several other contest with other prizes. Speaking of t-shirts this year was the first time I started selling Dan’s 420 Chronicles products likes t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, socks, hats and beanies. Next year there will be more new 420 designs and new products! Please grab something from my shop to show your support.

Over all this was a great year and though I may not attend as many concerts next year, I am looking forward to the shows I already have tickets for and any new concert announcements that come throughout the year. There are a few bands I am hoping to see tour including Pearl Jam, and System of the Down to mention a few.

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