The Who is coming back! Let’s see if I make it through the whole show this time!

The Who is coming back to Denver! I am super excited! The Who is one of my favorite older bands. I remember listening to them growing up as a kid. I had my first chance to see them a few years ago, well Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend, since the other original members are dead, this was when they came to Denver in 2016. I got my ticket and went to the show with my dad and my uncle. Unfortunately, I had a bit to much to drink that night. As the show started I pulled out my pipe to smoke a bowl and can’t remember how many hits I took before security came up and told me to stop or they were going to make me leave. Well I did stop, for what seemed like a long time I am sure lol, before I thought to myself in my drunken state, “I can take another hit if I am discrete about it.” Well they saw me do it again and made me leave! I know I had been warned but this was the first time I had ever been kicked out of a rock concert for smoking weed and at a Who concert none the less! I know I have no one to blame but myself, especially since I had been warned, but with that said, I am excited to get another chance to see them this year! I guess this will probably be the one show this year I won’t get a 420 clip or picture from!

Here are some of the pics and video clips I was able to get in 2016

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