So What Texas Festival 2022

Jess and I are starting to fill up our concert calendar and we just added the So What Texas music festival! This is one that Jess actually picked because it had a couple bands on her bucket list. Just to name a few of the bands, Sum 41 and Simple Plan. I am familiar with Sum 41 but not Simple Plan. Either way I am excite to have a festival planned for 2022! We have lots of concerts planned but this is the first festival of the year so far! I am also excited for this festival because I have family down in Texas and we are planning on going down a day early so we can spend some time with them. This will also be our first festival that we are able to drive instead of fly. We will also be staying in a hotel for this one instead of camping. Im sure its going to be a great time and I will of course have my full review and pictures from the festival on my site a few days afterwards. Once we get there I will of course have pictures and videos on my social media so make sure you are following me!

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