Rage Against The Machine…In Seattle!

As I mentioned before I am excited that concerts are coming back! The previous 2 concert announcements of course I am thrilled, getting to see Buckcherry and the Blue Ridge Rock Festival, however this concert announcement I am over the moon about it! You ask why? Is it that Im going to see Rage for the first time? Is that Im traveling back to Seattle? Well yes both of those things but even bigger news! I will be attending this concert with Jess and my daughter!! The 3 of us haven’t been to a concert together in over 2 years! Not only will we be going to the concert together but we will all be traveling together as well. This should be an awesome experience Im just sad that I have to wait until 2022 for it. Needless to say this is going to be a great show. They are playing at the Tacoma Dome, which I haven’t seen a concert there since I was a teenager, I think it was Guns N Roses back then. You already know I will have a ton of pictures and videos and of course my concert review!

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