New 420 Videos Have Been Added!

That’s right! New videos are being added weekly to my YouTube channel. They include videos from the recent hikes I have been doing. There are also new 420 projects I have been working on! For example have you seen the Rose Blunt? Maybe my 420 toilet paper joint holder? Ok I know you saw the blunt covered in wax and rolled in keef right? If not you are missing out, these are just a few of the videos I’ve recently added! There are new bloopers and outtakes. The latest one was pretty funny as we just let the camera roll after messing up our smoke ring jug project. I was pretty stoned by the end with the amount of retries we had. Make sure that you are subscribed as there will be more new videos and more crazy 420 projects. Please make sure you also like and leave your comments. If you have a suggestion on something you would like to see me try, let me know!!

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