Mt Bierstadt 14,065 ft. Elevation

Over the Labor Day weekend Jess and I hiked to the top of Mt. Bierstadt. It was a 7.5 round trip hike. We reached an elevation of 14,065 ft. Though it was a very tough hike and there were certainly moments I think we both though we didn’t know if we could make it. We kept putting one foot in front of the other until we reached the top. Just like in life we all have struggles and times we might wonder if we will ever reach our goals. You have to stay positive, keep your end goal in sight and never give up! The view from the top of the summit was amazing as it was a 360 degree view. Once we made it to the top I of course had to smoke a victory bowl as I like to call it. I think from the combination of waking up at 2am to drive there, walking up the Mt and the elevation certainly effected my high. I felt really stoned. This was my 2nd time on the top of Mt. Bierstadt but it was Jess’s 1st time not only on top of Bierstadt but this was her 1st hike over 14,000 ft. I was lucky enough to experience that with her. We plan to keep training through the winter to take on a few more 14ners next year! I do have some new designs available to commemorate this experience. If anyone is interested in seeing them or buying one please contact me directly as I am still working on fixing the site shopping cart. You can also view the video I did during the hike on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and leave your comments.

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