Megadeth / Lamb of God Tomorrow Night

I have only seen Megadeth once and it was at Rockville 2021! Most bands that play these festivals don’t get a full set so I am excited to see them headlining a show with their full set. I have never seen Lamb of God even though they were at Blue Ridge Rock Festival last year we missed their set. I honestly don’t know a lot of their songs but I hear they are great to see live. I have also heard their mosh pits get crazy! Sadly tomorrow when we see them I won’t be in the pit. We ended up buying seats since they had them on sale a couple of weeks ago. We picked up a 4 pack for $20 each! Of course after service fees it was more than the $20 but still under $40 which is still a good price to see such big bands! I will of course have pics and videos throughout the night tomorrow and my full review and more pics a few days after the show.

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