Limp Bizkit is coming to Colorado

As some of you know, last year Jess and I bought tickets to the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. We made that decision in part to see Limp Bizkit. It was a band that neither of us had ever seen live and it was on our concert bucket list. However because of Covid they ended up cancelling not only that show but their entire festival. So when we saw they were coming to Denver we wanted to go, although this was going to be tricky. Months before we bought tickets for the So What festival in Texas which starts the 27th, the day after the Denver Limp Bizkit show. We originally were going to drive to Texas but decided to fly so that we can see them in Denver. So we plan to drive up for the Bizkit show, catch an early flight out of Denver on Friday and head straight to the festival . I will of course have pics and videos through that weekend and I will post my #Dans420Chronicles #ConcertReview and #ConcertPics the following week.

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