I Won In This Moment Tickets

I don’t always listen to the local rock station as there are times I will stream the Denver or Seattle alternative station. There are days I will also just listen to YouTube but yesterday I was listening to the local radio station and they were giving away tickets for In This Moment. They were as always giving away stuff throughout the day from concert tickets, tattoos, to just getting registered for other contests. It was towards the end of my work day and I had turned the radio down to talk to Jess who had just got home. I just know that I heard the DJ say caller six was going to win. So I grabbed my phone and started calling. When the DJ answered and said who’s this I knew I had won but I didn’t know what I had won just yet. Honestly they were giving away Skillet tickets earlier in the day and that was what I was hoping I had won. However when I found out the tickets I won were for In This Moment, I wasn’t disappointed! It is going to be hard to pull this concert off with short notice but as long as I make it, I will of course have pictures and videos throughout the show on Social Media. I will also of course have my full concert review with more pictures posted in my concert review section!

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