Guns N’ Roses Absurd – New Song!

Guns N’ Roses have kicked off their stadium tour on July 31st at Hersey Park in Pennsylvania. However it wasn’t until they played Fenway Park in Massachusetts they introduced a new song called “Absurd”. Word about this new song hit social media pretty quick. I not only saw the video of them playing it live for the first time but i have since listened to the new single on YouTube. I have to say that I like it but it doesn’t sound like old Guns N’ Roses. Axl’s voice sounds deeper on this new song then a lot of his older stuff. Although the sound is different the lyrics are very much like the old Guns N Roses songs. Axl has never had a problem calling anyone a mutherfucker and he certainly does in this new song. Wonder who he is talking about? We may never know but what I do know is, that I am just 1 week and 1 day away before seeing them live here in Denver. I will of course have pictures, videos and of course my concert review of the show.

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