Blue Ridge Rock Festival

I am just 2 weeks away from attending my 2nd music festival and this time I will have Jessica with me which I am excited about. However if I have to be honest about the festival, I am disappointed that Limp Bizkit has cancelled their performance not only for this festival but the rest of their 2021 tour they had planned. Jessica and I picked this festival because neither of us have seen them and this was our chance to do that. Don’t get me wrong there are still a ton of other great bands playing and I am still excited but it looks like Limp Bizkit won’t be getting crossed off my bucket list of bands to see. If you all remember the last festival I attended which was Epicenter I picked that one because Tool was playing and due to bad weather back then they cancelled their set. I sort of feel like Blue Ridge Rock Festival is Epicenter all over again! I have another festival this year which was picked for the Metallica double set show, lets just hope nothing goes wrong with that one. Going back to the Blue Ridge Rock Festival as you can see they already have the schedule for all the bands. It looks like some of the bands I want to see are going to be playing at the same time but lots of others that don’t conflict. I will of course have pictures and my full review when I get back from the festival. I will also be posting tons of pics and videos on my social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so if you aren’t following me there be sure to do that!

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