When We Were Young Festival with My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, Death Cab for Cuties and many more at the Fair Grounds in Las Vegas, NV 10/29/22

This was a festival I originally wasn’t planning on attending. My daughter was planning on going with some people and things changed a week and a half before the show which put her in a predicament. Unfortunately she was no longer going to go with the same people so she asked if Jess and I would be interested in going with her. After talking to Jess we decided that we could make the trip work and who doesn’t want to go to Vegas for a festival?!

We thought about driving to Vegas but with the short notice and time constraints we had we decided to fly to Phoenix then drive into Vegas the night before the festival. We landed into Phoenix at 6:30 and after getting our rental car we hit the road. The first stop was a local dispensary so I could pick up some weed. I figured it might be cheaper in AZ than Vegas. I was only able to find 2 dispensaries and the 1 we went to was the only one open. When we got there there was a 30 minute wait so I decided to just hit the road and find one in Vegas. With only a few other stops on the way for drinks and bathroom stops we got to our hotel at midnight. After getting checked in we grabbed some food from a food truck which none of us thought was that great of food. From there we did a little gambling before hitting our rooms at around 4 am.

The following day we got up and ready then went for breakfast before heading to the festival. We had hoped to get there around 11 am. Unfortunately we didn’t make it there and inside the festival until about 1:45. After grabbing some drinks we headed to the main stages where we wanted to catch Boys Like Girls. Once we got there they were already playing but we caught most of their set. I was happy about that because this was one of the early bands I was really hoping to catch. After their set we walked around and checked out the other stage where 3Oh!3 was playing. We watched their set which was cool. I am still curious though, why were they throwing out celery?! They did that the last time we saw them and I wondered then too!

Some of the other bands we saw that day included The Used, The Maine, Taking Back Sunday, Peirce The Veil, A Day To Remember, Jimmy Eat World and others. We of course saw the main bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Paramore, Death Cab for Cuties and My Chemical Romance. Most of these bands were my first time seeing them. What an amazing lineup they put together for this festival and all the bands killed it!! The only thing I was bummed about, was that I didn’t get to see some of the other bands that were there, but that’s how it goes at most festivals. I am also glad that I got to have this experience with both Jessica and Alexis!!

One more thing I have to mention is the girl and her boyfriend next to us for some of the bands we watched. They had such an up and down night. The girl was going in and out of the pit and her boyfriend was trying to stop her. She was getting so mad at him but then 5 minutes later they would be making out. Then a few minutes later they were standing there next to the pit and someone fell into her and knocked her over. When she got up she got mad at her boyfriend again and started hitting and pushing him. However. once again a few minutes later they were making out again. They continued to do that on and off for at least 2 of the bands. After that I’m not sure what happened to them. I’m glad none of us had to experience that kind of drama lol even though those 2 seemed to be having a good time!

The following morning after checking out, doing a little souvenir shopping we headed out of Vegas back to Phoenix to catch our flight home. It was nice to make that drive during the day, since on our way in we couldn’t see anything. It was so dark! I’m just hoping next time we do that we are able to stop and see the Hoover Dam!

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