Tool – Broadmoor World Arena Colorado Springs, Co

In 2019 Tool came to Colorado and played 2 nights, both of them at the Pepsi Center, now the Ball Arena. I was lucky enough to attend both of those nights! When Tool announced they were going to do a 2nd night on this 2022 tour with one night in Denver the other in Colorado Springs I knew I wanted to go to both. I already had my tickets for Denver when they made the Springs announcement and got those tickets when they went on sale. Our seats for the 2nd show weren’t as close to the stage but at the World Arena there is no bad seat.

The day of the show luckily the weather had cleared up from the day before and thankfully we didn’t have as far to travel for the 2nd night. Jess and I went both nights with my daughter and her boyfriend, we drove the 1st night and they drove the 2nd night. This allowed Jess and I to have a few drinks and not worry about having to drive. We got to the venue about an hour and a half before Tool was supposed to hit the stage. Before going in we decided to stop and pick up a 6 pack and pregame in the parking lot. We decided to wait as long as we could and skip the opening band Blonde Redhead since we saw them the night before. After having a couple of drinks we went inside and decided to get in line for another beer to have during Tool’s set. We walked around and decided to get in this beer line that looked fairly short at least compared to the lines at the other booths. I think we stood there over 20 minutes before we finally worked our way to the front. I ordered 2 beers for both Jess and I so a total of 4 beers. As they were pouring our drinks I was talking to them telling them how they were doing a good job as I am sure they don’t hear that very often. The 2 guys were happy to hear me tell them that and started talking about karma coming back to those drunk people who were I guess treating them bad throughout the night. Then they went to run my card for the drinks and their machines went down. They were not able to take any credit cards and they couldn’t take the poured beers back so we got our drinks for free. Drinks at the show were $12 bucks each so almost $50 bucks in free drinks.

Just as we got to our seats, Tool was hitting the stage. The crowd like the night before was going crazy and ready for the show. They once again opened with Fear Inoculum then instead of playing Opiate like the night before they played Sober. That was the only change up from the night’s set list. The last time I saw them 2 nights they did something similar where they played the same songs but changed out just 1. I personally wish they would have changed out one of the new songs for Sober than an older song but all and all they once again put on an amazing show! The other cool thing is since our seats were further back from the stage we could see the images they had on the see through curtain during the first 3 songs. We saw the curtain from the side stage but we didn’t see any of the images like we could the 2nd night.

I am glad I was able to attend both nights of their Colorado shows and happy that Jess was with me seeing them for her 3nd time and that my daughter was there seeing Tool for the 2nd time!

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