Third Eye Blind / Jimmy Eat World Levitt Pavillion Denver 2019

I was pretty excited to see this show, I had never seen Third Eye Blind or Jimmy Eat World before. The venue was also new, I had never heard of the Levitt Pavillion before, much less knew they did concerts there. I had a family event earlier that day and hours before I was getting ready to leave, it started pouring rain. It was coming down pretty hard and I didn’t come prepared for a night of standing in the rain. Luckly, on the way to the show the rain stopped and the sky looked like it was done for the night.  Once we got into the venue, we found a spot on the lawn near the fence with only one couple standing in front of us, so we had a good view of the stage. The opening band was Ra Ra Riot, they were ok but they weren’t the most exciting opener I have seen before. They just didn’t seem to have a lot of energy or get the crowd super pumped. Just before Jimmy Eat World came on stage the clouds came back and it started lightly raining again, and by the time they hit the stage, the rain came back in full force. Even though I wasn’t prepared for the rain, a lot of people there were, and once Jimmy Eat World came out the crowd was fully pumped up! I wasn’t very familiar with their songs, I only knew one song, “The Middle.” However, the crowd seemed to know almost all their songs and they sang along to several of them. The rain didn’t seem to have any impact on anyone there, except me, I was trying to hold my camera and my hands were so cold, I was shaking and trying to hold the camera still. Though I was cold and wet, I will say I still enjoyed their set! Once Third Eye Blind came out, the rain had stopped again, and though it was cold, it was nice to not have the rain coming down any more. I was pretty excited to see Third Eye Blind, I knew several of their songs, and weeks before, as I listened to their set list I found there were more songs I liked. They came out and the crowd was ready for them! They had good energy and engaged with the crowd a lot. They played all their hits like, Graduate, Jumper, Hows it Going To Be, Losing A Whole Year, and Semi Charmed Life! They also played a new songs, that will be on their new album. I did a few 420 clips during their set. The guy who was standing next to us was also smoking, but he was trying to me much more sneaky about it. However, once he saw me doing my 420 clips, he started to smoke much more openly. Be sure to check out all the videos and 420 clips from this show on my YouTube channel!

Be sure to check out videos from this show and others on my YouTube channel!

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