The Killers at Ball Arena in Denver, Co 8/31/22

I remember just before Covid hit and all concerts were cancelled, The Killers were about to go on tour. I was so excited back then when I hear. I knew that I wanted to go but because of Covid they delayed ticket sales for months before finally just cancelling the new tour. So when they announced they were going to do a tour after Covid I again knew I wanted to go. I bought tickets for me, Jess, and Lexi when they did the presale. I wanted to get pit tickets but ended up with seats in the 300 level. I don’t mind doing seats once and a while and they were much cheaper so that’s what we decided to do when we bought them.

The day of the show as always we left early to avoid most of the traffic, however we ran into some rain and were running a little behind so we did end up in some traffic going through Colorado Springs. Once we got to Denver we decided to stop at Red Robin for a bite to eat. Usually we pick up something through a drive thru on our way to a show but since we had seats and were early we decided to sit down and eat at a restaurant. It was really nice to spend that time with both Jess and Lexi. After eating we headed to the Venue, The Ball Arena formally known as The Pepsi Center. We got there about an hour and a half before doors were going to open so we just hung out in the car, I smoked a bowl then Jess and I walked around to see if they had any merch outside which they didn’t. About 20 minutes before the door we decided to all get in line. After getting in and going through security we headed to the merch booth where Jess and I grabbed a shirt each. Then we grabbed a few drinks and headed to our seats. By the time we got to our seats we were half an hour away from the opening act, however they were late hitting the stage.

The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr was the opening act. I wasn’t familiar with any of his music, however Jess knew a few of his songs and the crowd all around us seemed to know most of his songs as they sang along to most of them. Even though I didn’t know any of his songs, I have to say he had some good sounding songs. He and his band also put on a great set. He engaged with the crowd and they all had a lot of energy up on the stage. I would certainly see him again and might even check out some of his music now that I know about him.

There was only 1 opening act which was great because that meant The Killers were going to have more time to play which they did! When they came out the place was packed and the fans were excited! It wasn’t the same energy as you would see at a rock show. I didn’t see a single mosh pit break out but that didn’t mean people weren’t into the music. Their were only a handful of people in our section sitting, almost everyone was standing, dancing and singing the entire time. The Killers did a great job of keeping the crowed pumped. They played a great set list. Leading up to the show I was looking at the set list and was bummed at first I didn’t see The Man on their set list. Last night they ended up playing that as their first encore! It was a nice surprise to me and I’m sure a lot of other people that were there. I would have to say that at this point this was in the top 3 alternative shows I have done within the last few years! I would certain go see them again if I get the chance which hopefully I will at some point! Maybe next time I will see them from the pit instead of seats!! All and all I had a great time with Jess and Lexi. I am just hoping they both had as much fun as I did!!

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