The Black Keys The Pepsi Center Denver 2019

When I saw tickets go on sale for this show, I knew I wanted to go! This certainly wasn’t like most concerts I go to, but it is music that I really enjoy listening to, just as much as rock or metal. The Black Keys have so many good songs and knew it would be a great show. I went to this one with my daughter and since we had seats, we weren’t worried about getting there early to stand in line. We headed up to Denver early to spend some time with family, which is always nice. We hung out with them for a few hours before we headed to the show. We got to The Pepsi Center around 6:00, just as doors were opening. Instead of heading right in, we decided to hang out in the parking lot and smoke a few cigarettes and I smoked a bowl, as well as doing a 420 clip. We ended up getting inside and in to our seats just a few minutes before 7:00 and I think the first band went on at 7:15. The opening band was Repeat, Repeat and they were good. There wasn’t a lot of people in the arena during their set, so they didn’t have very large crowd to play to. However they seemed to do a good job and there was even one song, Girlfriend, that stuck out. All in all, I enjoyed their set. Between bands, as always, we went outside to smoke and I took a few tokes off my wax pen. Just as we got back to our seats, Modest Mouse hit the stage. I thought I only knew one of their songs, which my daughter was telling me they haven’t played live in a very long time. As they were playing their set it turns out I knew another one of their songs, and not only that, they played the song I knew that I knew, which was Float On. I was able to get a few 420 clips and did one during that song! However after I got the 420 clip, security started watching so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any other clips during The Black Keys set. However The Black Keys, did an amazing job with their set! They played almost every song I knew by them with the exception of one “Gotta Get Away”. I think the band sounded great, even though a lot of people have been saying the band had things tuned up higher. I would certainly go see them again if I got the chance!

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