The Backstreet Boys at Fiddlers Green in Greenwood Village, Co 8/2/22

Who would have ever thought I would be at a Backstreet Boys concert. Though I know of the band I didn’t think I knew any of their songs. It didn’t matter as this was a band that Jess wanted to see so I of course went with her. I figured it would be a good time as I always do when I’m with Jess and I expected the band to put on an entertaining show.

The day of the show we headed up early as we usually do. We got to Denver about 2 hours early. After grabbing a bite to eat and a few shooters to take in we headed to the venue. We debated on parking at the shopping mall a few blocks away but we weren’t sure if we would get towed so we ended up parking in a parking lot right next to the South entrance. By the time we got in line we were probably 30 people back. Since we had GA for the lawn we weren’t to worried about it. Once we got through security we managed to get a great spot right against the fence that separates GA from the seats.

The opening band was a DJ with a drummer and someone mixing the songs. They played a few songs that I knew which was nice. Then they had a couple of guest singers come out and do a couple of songs each. I didn’t catch the DJ’s name or the name of the guest singers but they were entertaining. They did a good job of getting the crowd hyped up. I was a little surprised they only played for about 30 minutes. They ended their set around 8 which seemed a little early considering there was no other bands besides the Backstreet Boys.

The Backstreet Boys hit the stage around 8:40. As soon as the lights when down everyone at the venue stood up and were on their feet the rest of the show. Though I didn’t know many songs, in fact I only knew 2. The rest of the people there seemed to know every song as they sung along with just about every song they played. All the singers took time to talk to the crowd and thank them for being such loyal fans. They played for almost 2 hours. The whole time they were performing they were on stage dancing. I personally thought they were going to have a bigger dance production than they did, but they are no longer kids so I guess they still did a great job. Probably did a much better job than I could have ever done. I was just expecting a little more from their stage performance. Don’t get me wrong all and all they did a great job and put on a great set. I am happy that I got to see them live and experience that with Jess.

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