Stone Temple Pilots at the Pueblo State Fair in Pueblo, Co 9/4/22

It’s not that often we get good concerts here in Pueblo. In fact, most of the shows we do get are because of the state fair. So this year when the announced Stone Temple Pilots (STP) were going to play this year I knew I was going to go! To get tickets to the show you had to spend $20 on Colorado Lotto tickets and you got a voucher to claim a ticket into the fair and into the concert. For $20 with the chance to win some, all or even money back and get to see a show!! Either way worst case was $20 for the fair and concert ticket. To get into the fair alone is $14 so this was a deal!! Unfortunately I didn’t win on mine or Jess’ lotto ticket but again still worth the $20 each.

The day of the show doors were to open at 5:30. We ended up getting there and in line around 3:00. As we were walking up we saw our friends Buzz and Carrie who had won their tickets from the radio station. As we walked up to the Event Center we saw no one in line so we were first. Buzz and I stayed in line while the girls went to find some shade, it was a hot day and we were standing directly in the sun. As we were standing there a lady from the Lottery walked up and asked if we were working security. We told her no we were just in line for the show. We ended up chatting with her for a few minutes. She told us they were going to be doing some promotional stuff as we got closer to doors. I told her that was cool but how do I get one of the STP shirts she was wearing. She said because the band wanted to sell merch inside they weren’t allowed to give them away. She did say that if we found her after the show she would get us a couple! After she left it wasn’t long that people started lining up behind us. As more people showed up we also ran into some of our other friends Cory and his wife and our other friend Brian. After the girls joined us back in line Buzz and I left to grab some free bandana’s from the Ram truck tent. When we got back the Lottery team was there asking people trivia questions and giving away lottery tickets. They had already talked to Jess and Carrie and were moving down the line. I asked one of the guys if I had missed out. He told me no, then asked me to name one of the top three STP songs, which I did and he gave me a ticket. I didn’t win anything on that ticket but it was still cool to win.

Once they opened doors we made our way in and got our usual spot on the rail. We all took turns running to the bathroom, get drinks or merch. At one point Buzz walks up to us and says at 6:40 were going to do a meet and greet with the band. I asked how he did that and he said “Don’t ask questions”. He was just joking. He ended up talking to that lady we were talking to outside from the lottery and she said she was going to take 4 of us to meet the band before the show. I immediately started making friend with the people around us and told them we hade a meet and greet would they mind holding our spots on the rail. They all agreed which I was a little surprised as that doesn’t usually happen.

At 6;40 we left our spots and went and found the lottery lady (Marie) and her and her team walked us outside of the Event Center. There was an atv there and we all climbed on, we barely all fit but we made it work. The driver took us around the building to the back entrance. As we drove into the secure area the guy who was manning that post yelled at us to stop, but the driver kept going. The security guy ran up to us and made us stop. Marie explained who she was and that we were all going to the meet and greet. After she explained all that to him he let us continue on. We walked into the back of the center behind the stage and we stood there for a few minutes. As we were waiting Buzz and I walked out to the stage and looked at the crowd and grabbed a quick picture. We then went back to the hallway where Jess and Carrie were. As we walked up the band manager was telling the lottery people there was no meet and greet and that band didn’t agree to doing that. I don’t know what she said to him but he agreed. He told her that she or her team weren’t allowed to record the meet and greet nor could we. At that point I hit record on my phone and stuck it in my pocket with the camera facing out, hoping to catch the band meeting us. Just then the band manager came back out and said we had to stand in a line and the band would walk by but they were freaking out about “covid”. Only the guitarist and singer walked by us and only the guitarist really acknowledged us. It was still cool that we got that second with the band back stage. After that we were told we could walk around the stage to get back to our spots. We got back to our spots and again surprisingly the people we talked to before gave us our spots back on the rail.

Stone Temple Pilots hit the stage and of course the place went crazy. People singing and dancing. There was no moshing which I wasn’t surprised, they really aren’t that kind of band/music. However everyone around us sang and danced the whole time. I think it was after their 2nd or 3rd song they threw a bunch of picks out and some landed on the other side of the barrier right in front of me. I leaned over the rail with my feet of the ground and got one of the picks. One of the security guys came over and helped me back over. It was a few songs later another pick got thrown out (which I didn’t even see happen). All I know is that security guy who helped me back over walks up to me and hands me the pick. I guess Jess heard him say he was going to get me one when he helped me get back on my feet. Then the guitarist threw out a couple of guitar slides, all of them used before he threw them out. I managed to get 2 of them, I gave one to Buzz for getting us back stage.

This was my first time seeing Stone Temple Pilots live. I wish I could have seen them back in the day with Scott but their new singer did a great job! He was engaged with the crowd and at one point stood over the crowd as he made his way from one end of the rail to the other. Their set list was also amazing! I knew all but 3 of the songs they played and they play all their hits! They are playing the Blue Ridge Festival later this week. I am hoping we can catch them again there, providing there isn’t a conflict in scheduling.

After the concert was over we made our way to the Lottery building and found Marie. We thanked her again for the meet and greet and asked about the shirts. She said she would see what they had but she asked us to keep it on the down low. After walking around for a few minutes and digging through some shirt piles to find the sizes we asked for he brought them all in a cool Colorado Lottery bag. We thanked her again and then grabbed a couple of pick of us as a group. Buzz, Carrie and a couple other friends of theirs left. Before Jess and I headed home we grabbed some fair food! All and all I had a great time, I think everyone had a great time!

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