Steel Panther – The Fillmore Denver, Co.

This was my 5th time seeing Steel Panther live, my 3rd time seeing them at the Fillmore in Denver. I had just recently saw them at Sunshine Studios Live back in December. I actually won tickets from the local radio station for that show and the show last night. I had planned on buying tickets but the radio station was giving them away every day for a couple of weeks leading up to the show. I figured if I didn’t win them I would buy them the day of the show. Not only did I win a pair of tickets but a friend of mine and Jess’s, Buzz also won.

The day of the show, Jess, Lexi, Cody and I headed up together. Lexi and Cody had bought their tickets way before I had won mine. Since they drove earlier in the week to when we went to Megadeth, I drove to the Steel Panther show. We left around 3 pm from Pueblo which is about a 2 hour drive to Denver. With one short stop we got to the venue just a little after 5pm. After finding our parking Jess and I headed to get in line while Lexi and Cody went off to have a drink at the bar across the street. As Jess and I got to the line we saw our friends Buzz and Carrie who called earlier to say they were 3rd in line and would hold a spot for us. When we got there there was only 2 other people behind them. After talking to Buzz and Carrie for a few minutes Jess and I walked across the street to grab some food. Once we were done we still had about an hour and a half before doors. So we hung out as more people came and got in line we all started making friends and having a good time. At 7pm they let the first group of people in. You had the option to spend $15 extra to buy a fast pass ticket which allowed you to skip the line. There was maybe 20 people they let in before us. Then they let us in and we moved through security pretty fast and made our way to the stage. We ended up right in front of Satchel on the rail.

Before Steel Panther hit the stage there was 1 opening band called Love Stallion. This was Jess’s and I’s 2nd time seeing them. The last time was at the same venue opening for Steel Panther. It was cool though because as we were waiting for them to come on stage. This lady come up to the rail next to us. She was the mom of the guitarist of the band. She told us all about him, his bands he played in, how he has had the same guitar since he was 14 I think she said. When the band came on, she sang and rocked out to every song they played. It was cool to see how supportive and proud she was of him. The band themselves, put on a great set. They had that 80’s rock vibe which made them a perfect opener for Steel Panther. I think the crowd fed off their energy pretty well. Before their set ended Lexi and Cody ended up finding their way in and up to the front where we were, so we made room to fit Lexi on the rail next to Jess. I had made friends with most of the people standing around us so they were cool with letting them slide in.

When Steel Panther hit the stage the place went crazy! Just like every time before when I saw them, they put on a great show. Very entertaining and engaging with the crowd. Since we were on the rail of course Jess and Lexi got picked on a little as was I. The last 2 times we saw them, and Satchel was “hitting” on Jess then he looks over to me and says something or another. It’s all part of the show and to be expected when you go to a Steel Panther show. The thing about the guys in Steel Panther is they have a funny, entertaining show but they can also play good music. They played 12 songs in total plus the guitar/drum solo from Satchel. They also as always brought up a girl for Girl From Oklahoma then several girls for their 17 Girls in a Row song. As we got to their end of their set I knew I wanted to get a 420 clip so during Community Property I did 2 of them. For the first 1 I was able to get Michael Starr in the back ground, and I swear he watched me do it then cheered me on afterwards. After I got another clip security came up and asked me to stop, so I did. I was only looking to get a couple any way. Throughout the night I was puffing on my wax pen so I was already stoned. I should also mention this was the first time seeing them with Ricky Thrash. I have to say he did a better job then the last bass player but was still no Lexie!

My over all review of the night was great and pretty much drama free unlike earlier in the week when we went to see Megadeth. In fact the only drama was between Love Stallion and Steel Panther, with a guy standing behind us. The guy who had been helping us go in and out by protecting our spots. He asked me if I would help with someone who was behind him pushing. I don’t know what he thought I was going to do exactly but I wasn’t looking to cause trouble. I just leaned over and told the guy who was pushing and said we are all here to have a good time. He said I know but the crowd is pushing, I told him I get that. He ended up moving over a little away from the guy behind us and everyone had a great time from there on. At the end of the show when I was going to the bathroom someone stopped me and said thanks for keeping the peace in our area. I told him I was just trying to make sure we all had a good time, which clearly we did!

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