Slayer The Broadmoor World Area Colorado Springs 2019

I have never seen Slayer before, last year I had tickets to see them in Denver at Fiddlers Green. I was going to go with my cousin and his girlfriend but something came up and none of us were able to make it. I thought that was going to be the last time Slayer came to Colorado so when I heard they were coming back to Colorado Springs, I wanted to go. The day tickets when on sale I tried to get a pair of cheap tickets since I didn’t really mind sitting for this show. I only knew a handful of songs by all the bands playing so I was trying to keep it cheap. Sadly all the cheap tickets sold out before I could get a pair. I figured I would wait until I got closer to the show and see if I could find a cheap pair from someone who maybe couldn’t go. About 3 weeks before the concert they announced that they added a handful of cheap tickets starting at $66 bucks which was cheaper than they originally were. I jumped on that and got a pair for me and my girlfriend. Since we had seats and weren’t worried about getting there early to get in line my girlfriend didn’t take the day off work so we planned on leaving once she got home. Unfortunately she got stuck at work later than she planned so we were behind and trying to race to get there. I didn’t know the opening band so I wasn’t worried about missing them but wanted to see Ministry, Primus and of course Slayer. By the time we got food, then parked at The World Arena it was a little after 7 pm so we headed straight in. When we got in and to our seats there was a band already playing which I at first thought was the opening band, turned out it was Ministry and they were playing their final song. I was a little bummed we missed their set but excited to see Primus! It didn’t take long before they had tore down and set back up for Primus’s set. Before they came out it seemed liked there was a lot of mixed feelings from the people in the crowd. I noticed that throughout the night actually that several people were yelling “Primus Sucks” then other people getting mad they were hearing that. Needless to say I thought that Primus did a good job however the only issue I had is they didn’t play Wynonna’s Big Brown Beaver which is one of my favorite songs by them. Between the bands we of course went outside to smoke a cigarette and to do a 420 clip. While we were out there we ran into some friends we knew so we hung out with them for a bit before we headed back in to our seats. When we got to our seats we sat there maybe 5 minutes before Slayer hit the stage. When they came out the energy they had was pumping! The crowd was into it! People in the stands dancing and head banging and you could see the mosh pit was going crazy! Like I mentioned before I didn’t know a lot of songs from Slayer but the one I was waiting for most was South Of Heaven. They played that song and the whole place got even crazier!! I of course took that time to do my usual 420 clips with the band in the background. I’m still not sure about posting these videos since my last channel was shut down. However once I have a new way to share them I will be sure to do that. 1 or 2 more songs after that we decided to head out a few minutes early to beat the crowd and since my girlfriend had to work the next day. Not to mention that the last couple of shows where kind of crazy it was nice to have a nice relaxing show and it was even nicer we only had to travel to Colorado Springs instead of Denver! I am glad that I got to see them on their final tour!

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