Slaughter Buffalo Rose Golden 2019

What can I say, Slaughter is one of those bands that reminds me of my teenage years! When I heard they were coming in concert, I knew I had to see them, especially since I had never seen them live before. The concert was in Golden, at the Buffalo Rose, which was a new venue for me. From what I was told the venue had just been remodeled. The place was really nice and had a good sound system. There were five opening bands which included Bloodstone Dragon, Daggen Band, Johnny Got Rox, OTM (One Track Mind), and HMH (Hold Me Hostage). All the bands did a great job of pumping up the crowd and keeping them pumped up for Slaughter. Of all the openers, I would have to say the one I enjoyed the most was HMH, they had a pretty heavy sound and their songs were catchy. I’m not sure I would go out of my way to see just them again, but I would love to see them if they open for another band I have tickets for in the future. In between the bands, the promoter who was putting on the event, would come out on stage and give stuff away, some of the things included, Slaughter meet and greet, t-shirts, posters, and tickets to up coming shows. He threw out tickets for Faster Pussycat and I was able to get one of them, which is great because I wanted to see them and have also never seen them live before. When Slaughter came out on stage, they came out rocking! The drummer was so entertaining to watch! He had so much energy! He would kick the cymbals and stand on his drum kit, all while continuing to play them! All of the band members played their own solos, and the singer was no exception! He played some killer riffs and even played with his guitar behind his head at one point. During one of the songs he came out into the crowd and walked around while singing. I am glad I got tickets for this one and would certainly pay to see them again!

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