Skillet / Sevendust / Pop Evil / Devour The Day Ballroom Denver 2019

I was pretty excited for this show after seeing the line up! I’ve seen Skillet four or five times, but the others I’ve only seen once. I saw Sevendust over 10 years ago in Seattle when they opened up for Disturbed. The other two, I had seen in the last couple of years, in fact, I just saw Pop Evil earlier this year. I didn’t know what to expect of the venue, it’s brand new and only opened about a month ago. Luckily, we were able to find free parking about three blocks away, they were charging $20 at the venue. After parking, we grabbed our chairs and headed for the line. When we got there, there were three people in front of us, one of them was a guy I had recently met and Live and Bush and then saw again at Slipknot. It was probably about three hours before anyone showed up in line behind us. Of course I smoked weed all day and as more people showed up, they were also smoking; however, as the line grew bigger, someone complained to us asking if we could move away from the line, which we did. Unfortunately, there were a lot of VIP Early Entrance tickets for this show, so they were able to get in before us, even though we’d been in line all day. Security to enter the venue was quite a hassle, the two women working the scanner couldn’t agree what I should do with my metal items and they even started arguing. I didn’t have an issue with whatever they wanted me to do, I just wanted to get in since other people were getting in through the other line. By the time I got to the floor, the railing was full, but I was able to find a spot where I was only behind one person; I was a bit disappointed, but I was still happy with the spot. The first band was Devour the Day and I knew two of the five songs they played, “The Bottom,” and “Good Man.” They did a great job of getting the crowed excited. Next up was Pop Evil and I had high expectations for them after seeing them earlier this year. They played a shorter set, since they were an opener, so they didn’t play “Ways To Get High,” but they played all of their other popular songs and got the crowd really pumped for Sevendust! Just before Sevendust came out, the crowd pushed in and filled in the open spaces, so things got very tight! Once they actually hit the stage, the crowd went crazy and people were pushing and shoving a lot more than they had for the first two bands. We had a good spot with several friends around us, so we had a good line of people to help with controlling the crowd around us. I wasn’t very familiar with a lot of Sevendust’s songs, but they really put on a great show and I love when a crowd really gets into the band. It was a bit weird, when Sevendust finished their set, the crowd wasn’t as packed in; I know that sometimes between bands, the crowd will thin out, but that doesn’t usually happen before the headliner is about to come out. Skillet was great, but they didn’t quite match the energy of Sevendust. I was very happy with Skillet’s performance, but they’re a very different type of music than Sevendust. All in all, it was a great night with great music and new friends. I did get several 420 clips, which will be posted on my YouTube channel soon!

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