Shinedown First Bank Center Broomfield 2019

Last night’s show with Broken Hands, Dinosaur Pile Up, Badflower, and Shinedown was great! My daughter and I attended the show at the First Bank Center in Broomfield. We left early to spend time with family and to try to avoid some of the evening traffic. After spending time with some family, we headed to the venue, but traffic was thicker than usual because a sinkhole opened up on the highway we needed to take a few days before. Once we got parked, we headed into the show and Broken Hands was already paying, I didn’t know any of their songs so I wasn’t too disappointed, but it would have been nice to add their set to my YouTube channel. Instead, I went live on Facebook for the few songs that I caught. Next, Dinosaur Pile Up came on and while they played some good songs, they didn’t have a ton of energy. I had been listening to their setlist before the show so I was familiar with most of their songs, but I only really knew about three of them. After their set, we went outside to the smoking section and I did a Facebook Live of me taking a few tokes. Once we were done, we went back to our seats, which were really great, considering we bought our tickets weeks after they had gone on sale, but I did hear that only abut three fourths of the tickets sold. The crowd was pretty excited for Badflower! I had never seen them before, but they were very high energy! They jumped around the stage, jumping and dancing around while playing. At one point, the singer came off stage and crowd surfed. I had listened to their setlist before the show as well so I was familiar with their songs, but I really only knew three. During their set, they announced that they would be back to Colorado very soon on their own headlining tour, I’m not sure I would go see them again as the headliner, but they were a great band to see as an opener. After Badflower, my daughter decided she wanted to buy a Shinedown hat, so we went to get in line. As we were waiting to be helped, it looked like a couple had cut the line, but I wasn’t sure since I wasn’t paying super close attention; however, it looked like they had talked to the couple in line behind us, so I asked them if they had cut the line, one of them mumbled something to me and I moved on. After we bought the hat, we were walking away and the guy from behind us in line started talking shit. I was surprised, since I was just curious if the others had cut the line, but once I stopped to look at him, he just turned away. I guess some people just like to cause trouble. After smoking, we got back to our seats and waited for about twenty minutes before Shinedown hit the stage! This was probably my fourth or fifth time seeing them live and they always put on a great show while being very engaged with the crowd. They didn’t do as much pyrotechnics this time, but they did do some, which I always appreciate. Halfway through their set, they left the mainstage and played several songs out in the crowd on a smaller stage. Their setlist was great and there was only one song that I didn’t know, of course they played all of their hits! I did get a few 420 clips, but they didn’t come out great. As always, you can check out all the videos from the show on my YouTube channel.

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