Shinedown at Ball Arena in Denver, Co 10/20/23

I have seen Shinedown and Papa Roach a few times. Both bands always put on a good show and when they announced they were selling tickets for $20 a piece I thought this was a great show to take both Jess’s kids and mine. Since you had to buy packs of 4 tickets to get the $20 deal we ended up having an extra ticket. My daughter ended up bringing one of her friends, so all the tickets got used. Since these were seat tickets and my daughter and her friend had to work, we didn’t leave until about 4:45, which is one of the latest times we have left for a show in Denver. We ended up getting there 20 minutes after the doors. As we pulled into the parking lot my daughter and her friend went in to see Spirtbox. I’ve seen them before, they are an entertaining band but I don’t know any of their music so I wasn’t in as big of a rush. We parked and I smoked a bowl with my son while Jess and I had a couple shooters. While we were hanging out in the parking lot, we ended up buying some parking lot shirts. We got one of the sellers down to $10 a shirt. I ended up with a size too big and got another guy who was selling them to trade me out, so I bought 2 more from him also for $10. We ended up hanging out in the parking lot longer than I thought. After we got inside, we could hear Papa Roach already playing. We had only missed 1 song but for some reason I thought we had another half hour before they hit the stage. It was fine, we made it to our seats and kicked the people who were sitting in them out.

Papa Roach put on a great set as usual. As I said before they have always done a good job live. They sang a lot of their hit songs. At one point the singer walked out into the crowd and up into the stands. He usually does that. I think he has done that at every show I have seen them at. They even announced that they were going to donate some of the proceeds from this show to the American Foundation Suicide Prevention. It was in the amount of 155K which was cool. That was something I hadn’t seen them do before. All and all, it was a good set and especially since it was their last date of the tour. You would have thought he might have been tired and ready to just be done with the tour, but he brought the energy like he always does.

Shinedown also put on a great set for their final show of the tour. I heard that before the show he was outside interacting with some of the fans that got there early. That’s pretty cool and I’m a little disappointed that we missed that but since we had seats there was no way we would have gotten there any earlier. Still, what a cool experience for the people that were there. I wish more bands did this especially for the fans that show up super early to get a good spot like we do. Anyway, Shinedown played a great sets as I was saying. They played a lot of their hits and in fact I knew every song they played. I think that we all had a great time. The only regret that I have from the night is I didn’t get a picture of all of us. I did get a few pictures, just not one with all of us together. I also didn’t get as many pics of the bands as I usually do, I guess I was just enjoying the moment. I am certain that next time Shinedown comes around we will see them again, hopefully next time from the rail.

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