Santana Pepsi Center Denver 2019

A few months before this show, my dad called me and told me that for my uncle and I’s birthdays, he was buying us tickets to see Santana. To be honest, at first, I wasn’t very excited to see Santana since I didn’t think I knew that many of his songs; however, I was excited to spend time with my dad and uncle. Before this, the only time the three of us have attended a show was The Who, which I got kicked out of for smoking weed inside. The day of the show, my uncle and I headed up to Denver early for a family BBQ before the show and since we had assigned seats, we were in no rush to get there early. We got there around 6:30, about half an hour after the doors had opened, so we didn’t have much of a line to deal with, which made it easy for us to find our seats and get situated. I knew of the Doobie Brothers, but I couldn’t think of any songs by them that I knew, but when they came out, they played Rockin’ Down the Highway, and I immediately recognized them! Throughout their set, I realized that I actually knew several of their songs: Takin’ It To The Streets, Jesus Is Just Alright, Long Train Runn’, China Grove, and a few others. I was pleasantly surprised by their set! After they finished playing I was expecting the stage to be set up for Santana, but instead, the Doobie Brothers came out and played an encore. I’ve never seen an opening band play an encore before, but it was a nice surprise! They closed their set with Black Water and Listen To Music, which I also knew. Once they were done, I went out to the smoking section and while I was out there, someone asked me if it was okay to smoke weed. I told him that I was planning to! Then he pulled out his pipe and offered to share his weed with me, which of course I did! While outside, I also got a couple of 420 clips, which you can see on my YouTube channel, as well as all the other videos from Santana and the Doobie Brothers. After going outside, to the bathroom, and to get something to drink, Santana was just coming on. Of course he came out jamming  on his guitar. The entire band had incredible energy  when they went on stage. I was actually surprised how many songs I knew! Throughout his set, Santana played extended versions with a lot of solos! There was even a drum solo, which was pretty good! I got several 420 clips for both bands, during the Doobie Brothers I mostly used my wax pen, but I still got a couple with my usual purple pipe! I actually really enjoyed this show, much more than I thought I would, and I was surprised how many songs I knew and liked from both bands.

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