Roger Waters at The Ball Arena in Denver, Co 9/6/22

I have been lucky enough to have seen Pink Floyd twice in my lifetime. Both times were for their The Division Bell album. One show was in Seattle at the Kingdome and the other was a venue in Canada. I of course didn’t get to see them with Roger Waters, one of the original co-founders of the band. When I heard Roger Water was coming on tour at first I wasn’t interested as I thought he was going to play his solo stuff which I am not familiar with at all. It wasn’t until after the tickets went on sale that I thought to myself ‘I wonder if he sings any Pink Floyd songs?’, so I checked his setlist. When I saw he played mostly Pink Floyd music, I was a little surprised but excited. I knew at that moment I wanted to see him live. The problem was the day he was going to be here. I already had back to back concerts the day before and the night of his show I was supposed to fly out for a music festival (Blue Ridge Rock Festival) the night of the show. After going back and forth and talking it through with Jess we decided we were going to try and make it work. However going into it we knew there was a chance we would have to leave a little early and miss part of his show. I hated having to do that but figured it was worth it to see him live and hear him play as many Pink Floyd songs as I could hear.

The day of the show was different then most days we have a concert. Not only did we have to get ready for the concert but we had to make sure we were ready for our trip. Normally we leave early to avoid traffic and we get to the venue early. We decided since we still had a lot to get done before we left we would leave at the last minute and get there just before doors which is what we did. We actually got there about an hour before doors. When we got there, there was no line to get in so we grabbed some merch from the trailer outside and headed back to the car so I could smoke another joint before going in. While we were in the car a parking lot shirt guy walked by and was trying to sell his shirts. I really liked the design, even better than the official one I had just bought, so I ended up buying a shirt from him for Jess and I as well. It was a few minutes after the doors were supposed to open when we headed back to the venue from the parking lot. When we got there, the doors weren’t open yet and the lines were crazy long. I had Jess wait in line while I walked up to see if there was a shorter line to get in or a way to cut in. I did find a way and had Jess come up to where I was. We were still back a ways but not nearly as far as we were when we first got in line. It took us a long time after the doors opened to get through the first checkpoint where they were checking to make sure you had tickets. They weren’t scanning them, they were just verifying you had them before you proceed. Then we had to get through security then we had our tickets scanned. Jess and I grabbed a drink, those lines were also pretty long. We luckily were able to get our drinks and make it to our seats before the show started.

There was no opening act which was cool, this meant I would get to see more of his set! However the major downside was he took about a 30 minute intermission. If he had not done that I could have seen his entire set. Oh well as I said I was glad I was able to see what I was able to watch. He came out with Comfortably Numb and from there he played a mix of Pink Floyd songs and a few of his solo songs. Though he mostly played Pink Floyd which I was happy about. All and all it was a great show from what I saw. As I mentioned Jess and I had to leave early so we missed the last 30 minutes of his set. I am hoping he comes back around and I am able to see his entire set. I will also say it was great to see Pink the pig. He had Pink and a sheep floating around the arena. Also the video screens behind him had some great visuals. Again I hope to see him again at some point in the future. The only other bummer was that we ended up at our gate for our flight about 45 minutes early. If we wanted to push it and stay for the whole show we probably could have made it work. Once again I am glad I got to see what I got to see!!

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