The Red Hot Chili Peppers at Empower Field At Mile High in Denver, Co 7/23/22

When they announced The Red Hot Chili Peppers were coming in concert I knew this was another show I wanted to see. I have never seen them live and at first thought I’d be happy to have a seat and be able to watch the show. So when tickets went on sale I bought the cheap nosebleed seats (500 level) for Jess and I. A day later my daughter bought herself a ticket and paid a little more to get a seat in the section (300 level) below ours.

The day of the show the 3 of us drove up together. Earlier that morning before we left we all talked about buying a $30 parking pass so we didn’t have to deal with the light rail system. Since Jess and I were on our 3rd day straight of concerts, we knew when the show was over we were just going to want to head home, not have to wait for light rails or anything else. After we talked about it, it was maybe 30 minutes later I went back to buy the passes. They were sold out. The only parking passes they had were for RV’s and it was $45. I decided to pay for the parking anyway as I didn’t want to have to hassle with it after we got there. However had I waited the lot I paid to park in still had $30 spots they just weren’t showing available online. That was a little frustrating but at least we had a place to park and it was right across the street from the stadium.

After we parked we hung out in the car for about 45 minutes before heading in. It was hot and we didn’t want to be in the heat any longer than we had to. It was supposed to rain that night from the time we got there until around 8 pm according to our phones. We had even taken ponchos in case but as I said when we got there it was hot and sunny. We decided not to take any of the ponchos in with us since we all had a hoodie of some sort. Once we got into the venue we headed to the merch booth and grabbed a few shirts. The lines were long but they moved much faster than the lines at Motley Crue. However we still missed the opening band play. Since we had time before the next band was going to play we went to the smoking section so that I could smoke a joint before getting to our seats. We were told there was only 1 smoking area at the ground level. That didn’t stop people from on the other levels. As we were walking to our seats after I smoked you could see people on every level just smoking where they wanted to.

Instead of heading straight to our seats in the 500 level we went and sat next to Lexi in her section. We figured we would sit there until someone asked us to move. A few minutes after sitting down a couple of guys walked up and sure enough we were in their sets. They just sat in the seats next to us and allowed us to stay since the seats next to us were empty. We managed to sit there through the whole 2nd band’s set. They were a mostly girl band with a couple of guys playing behind them. The name of the band was Haim. I had never heard of them before but thought they did a good job. Their music seemed to match The Red Hot Chili Peppers genre well. While we were watching their set the guys in the row in front of us lit up a joint and it was within minutes security was on them. I thought thankfully it’s not me this time. Lexi told me when the Peppers came out her entire section lit backup and security gave up trying to get them to stop.

Once they were done playing Jess and I decided to head to our seats as we didn’t want to have to move during the Peppers set. On the way to our seats there was a group of people smoking so I stopped to smoke another joint. Most of the people standing there were smoking weed and not cigarettes (they eventually did come and tell everyone to stop smoking in that area). As we were sitting there smoking you could see a storm coming in the distance. People were talking about that storm and how their phones showed it heading right for us. It seemed like just a couple minutes after that it started raining and getting windy. It progressively got worse so Jess and I stayed in the covered area near our seats waiting for the Peppers to come on. We figured we would go to our seats once they started playing. There was no need to stand in the rain any longer than we needed to.

When The Red Hot Chili Peppers came out we just found a couple of seats by the entrance. We figured some people may not come out to the seats and we might be ok seat jumping. It rained on and off throughout their entire set but that didn’t stop them from playing and it didn’t stop us from standing out in it to watch the show. Though we were really wishing at certain points that we had brought those ponchos. At one point Jess had to go to the bathroom so when we came back instead of going back to the seats we were in, we moved down a few extra rows to get a better view. Despite the rain we had a great time. The Red Hot Chili Peppers put on a great set. Lots of energy and they engaged with the crowd a little but mostly just played their music. The set list they chose for this tour was also great though I was sad they didn’t play a few other songs like Go Robot, Zephyr Song, Otherside, too many to list! There are so many great hits but again I think they picked some great songs and put on a great performance! I hope they do another tour and I am able to see them again. Preferably from the pit next time and without the rain storm.

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