POD The Black Sheep Colorado Springs 2019

Going into this show I didn’t know anything about the two opening bands, Nine Shrines and Islander. Nine Shrines had a really good set, they engaged with the crowd, and did two cover songs, Zero and Friends in Low Places. The crowd was really getting pumped up during their set. Islander really took things up a notch! The singer was jumping around, climbing on the speakers, hanging from the rafters, and at one point he even walked on top of the crowd while he was singing, people had their hands up and he walked on their hands about half way out into the crowd. For their final song, the singer pulled several people out of the crowd to come up on stage and I happened to be one of them! You can see videos I took from the stage, as well as videos my daughter and cousin took from the crowd on my Facebook page. When Nonpoint hit the stage, the crowd got really amped up! A number of mosh pits broke out and people were going so hard that security stood inside the crowd, on the edges of the mosh pits. This was my first time seeing Nonpoint and they put on a great set! I didn’t know many of their songs, but I really enjoyed Chaos and Earthquakes and Bullet with a Name. POD, of course, kept the energy up through their entire set. The singer was jumping all over the stage and very engaged with the crowd. There were several kids there that night and he brought several of them up on stage while he sang Youth of the Nation. The singer from POD even passed out several water bottles to the people in the crowd, I happened to be one of those who got a bottle, which was welcomed because it was so hot in that place! This was the third time I had seen POD and I would definitely see them again if they came back around.

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