Pearl Jam at The Ball Arena in Denver, Co 9/22/22

I have seen Peral Jam only 1 other time before they announced this tour back in 2020. I saw them at the Memorial Stadium at the Seattle City Center when they toured for their Yield Album. That was a great home show so of course when I heard in 2020, they were going to tour and come to Denver I knew I was going to go. The day tickets went on sale they sold out quickly. I luckily managed to get some tickets however they were in the nosebleed section and almost behind the stage. I didn’t care I was still happy that Jess and I were going to go. However, shortly after we bought our tickets the show got postponed due to Covid. Of course, as concerts started to come back like several other bands Pearl Jam rescheduled their tour. Thankfully the date they rescheduled for here in Denver didn’t conflict with any other shows. I have had that happen before.

We had originally planned for another friend of ours to go with us, but she couldn’t make it due to health issues. My daughter had also bought tickets back in 2020 but we didn’t coordinate at the time to get our seats together. She actually got much better seats than I was able to get. Even though we weren’t going to all sit together we decided to carpool up. The day of the show we left later in the day than we usually do. We had to wait for her boyfriend to get off work that day, so we left town about 5 and got to the venue around 720ish. The show was supposed to start at 7:30 but there was an opening act, I don’t know who they were, but we did ended up missing their set. Since we weren’t all sitting together Jess and I headed in as soon as we parked, and Lexi and her Boyfriend just hung out in the car for a bit longer. When Jess and I walked in I was stopped by security and told I couldn’t wear my wrist band with tiny spikes on into the venue. I was surprised because that has never been an issue in the past. Instead of walking all the way back to the car I just hid the wrist band in my pants, and we walked into another entrance. As we got in the opening act was playing but instead of going to see them Jess and I went to get in line for merch. They had a few merch booths up and lines were moving fairly quick. I think we only stood in line for maybe 20 minutes. After that we grabbed a drink and went to our seats. Just as we sat down, we saw the opening act finish up their last song. As we sat there, we had a couple more shooters that we had brought in with us. As Pearl Jam was hitting the stage Jess had to use the bathroom and I needed a drink. I walked her to the bathroom, went to the bathroom myself then grabbed a beer. Then I hung out just inside the curtain where I could see the show and still see the girl’s bathroom. While I was standing their security walked up and asked me to not block the way. I told him I was just waiting for someone to come out of the bathroom. He said that was fine. I stood there for another moment then decided to stand on the other side of the curtain where I could clearly see the bathroom and still see the show since the curtain was still slightly open. Another security guy walked up and asked if I could go to my seat as they didn’t want people lingering in the hallway. I told him I was waiting for my girlfriend to come out of the bathroom, he said that was fine and I continued to stand there until she came out and we made it back to our seats.

Pearl Jam themselves, they were great!! They played a long set list with 25 songs. I had been checking out their set lists prior to playing here. It looked like they were playing a different set list every night. So, I was very curious which songs they were going to play for us. I was very pleased with the set list we got. Of course, there are lots of songs I wish they had played, but with as many songs as they have they couldn’t do them all either way. Though we had to wait 2 years for this show after we bought our tickets, it was well worth it! I hope I don’t have to wait as long as I did this last time for the next tour that I am able to see them again!

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