Panic At the Disco at Ball Arena in Denver, Co 10/11/22

This year I tried to mix up the concerts I go to by adding more alternative rock bands. So, when I heard that Panic At The Disco was coming I was excited. Though I only knew about 6 of their songs before their show I figured it was going to be a good show! Originally Jess and I were going to go with Lexi and Cody. But the week before the show, Cody had some work conflicts and wasn’t going to be able to make it. Since we had the extra ticket, we decided to take Ethan to his first concert. Ethan is 8 and like me isn’t a huge fan of Panic At The Disco we both like them. We didn’t tell him he was going to go until the day of the show after he was picked up from school. He was so excited! It made me think of my first concert when my parents took me. I must have been right around his same age.

The day of the show we left town around 4:30 and after making a few stops including grabbing some dinner, we headed to the venue. We got there around 7:15ish. After we found parking and we headed inside. When we were going through security, they stopped Ethan and questioned him about his necklace because he was holding it and not wearing it. Thankfully they let him in without any issues. After getting through security, we made our way up to the second floor and found their merch booth. The lines were pretty short and moving quickly. We stood in line for maybe 15 minutes. Jess ended up getting Ethan a shirt as well. Which is cool! As long as, he takes care of that he will have that memory and shirt forever!

Because we got there later than normal, we did miss the opening act, not even sure who they were. By the time we got to our seats the next act, Marina, was just taking the stage. I had never heard of this band before and certainly didn’t know any of their songs. None of us did but there were a lot of people sitting next to us dancing and singing along with almost all of their songs. There were also not a lot of empty seats while they were playing. The whole place was pretty packed in. I thought the band did a good job of getting the crowd ready for Panic At The Disco. I think their last song about being a bubble gum bitch was funny. It was good but it had me laughing.

When Panic At The Disco came out it was about 9. They came out playing 3 songs in a row that I knew and liked! I looked over at Ethan who was standing on the other side of Jess and he was rocking out. He was singing, dancing and clapping throughout their set. It was clear he was having a good time. They ended up playing for 2 hours! I think they played 25 songs in total. I ended up knowing more than just the 6 original songs I knew because I had listened to their set list a few times before the show. I ended up know about 8 or 9 of them which was cool. The singer didn’t engage much with the crowd until the end. He took a few minutes to talk to everyone and thanks them for coming and showing their support over the years. I didn’t mind he didn’t talk much it was nice to have them just focus on their set and play as many songs as they did. All and all they did a great job, and I would love to see them again in the future. I will also say at the end of the show, Ethan was pumped! He was telling Jess and I how he wanted to go to more concerts, pretty much all the concerts we were going to he wanted to go with us!! I’m glad he had a good time I know I did, and I think Jess and Lexi did as well!

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