MuddFest Sunshine Studios Colorado Springs 2019

Muddfest! What a show!! Since I bought my tickets for this show, I have been excited, since I had never seen any of the bands playing live before. The line up consisted of, Tantric, Saving Abel, Trapt, Saliva, and of course Puddle of Mudd! This was another one of those rare occasions where I know at least a couple songs from every band playing. It was me, my daughter, and my cousin that attended the show. This was only the second time I had gone to a concert with my cousin. The last one was Kiss and we had seats.

We got there as early as we could, which was around 3:45, and right away I saw a few friends, Buzz and Carrie, and they were first in line, with us right behind them. Throughout the day my cousin asked me why we got there so early when there was no one else there. I tried to explain that we got there early so we could get a good spot, but he kind of shrugged me off like, okay, but he went along with it. At 5 they checked us in and made us re-line up in the back before letting us into the venue. While we were waiting we were allowed to buy drinks and food. My cousin bought us both a Corona, which we drank outside waiting to go in.

As soon as they let us in the venue we walked up to the front and got our spots. Once we had our spots secured, we took turns leaving. I left to buy a shirt, which I really liked because it listed all the bands and dates on the back. Once I got back, my cousin left to buy more drinks, he came back with a beer and 2 Adios Mother Fuckers. We had also snuck in 2 fireball shooters, we split one right away. By the time Tantric hit the stage I was already starting to feel buzzed. I really only knew one song by them but they played a good set, though it was a short one, with only five songs. I was also able to snag up a pick at the end of their set as the guitarist or bass player handed it to me (can’t remember). Since their sets was short and the place wasn’t very full during their set I didn’t get any 420 videos.

As we were waiting for the next band to come on my cousin went and got us 2 more Adios Mother Fuckers. Once Saving Abel came out I was really starting to feel the alcohol. There was also a guy, standing next to us who had brought in a bottle of Southern Comfort, which we were taking shots of. Saving Abel also had a short set with only four songs, two of which I knew. The singer was pretty engaging with the crowd and was starting to get everyone pumped, but then their set was over pretty quick. Since the place started to fill in and I was feeling a little more than buzzed I went ahead and got a 420 video.

By the time they finished, my cousin went and grabbed us another round of Adios Mother Fuckers, we finished the other shooter we had, and this is when things started to get a little blurry. I do remember before Trapt came out my cousin leaned over and said, the couple behind me wants to get on the rail because this is their favorite band, he then asked if he should let them. I somewhat remember telling him, do you remember asking me earlier whey we got here to early? This is why, to get these spots! I have never and won’t ever give up my spot for someone else. I hate to sound like a dick but there was a reason I stood in line for hours before the show! It was like a light went off for him and he said “Yea, your right”. When Trapt hit the stage they played a longer set than the first two bands and they played all their hits and all songs that I knew. The singer was super pumped and really got the crowd going! I think there was a lot of people there specifically to see their set. I am pretty sure I got the set list from Trapt but have no idea what I did with it as I haven’t found it!

When Saliva hit the stage, I don’t remember if I had any more to drink, but I was pretty buzzed! I remember the whole place was jumping for most of their set! They came out and started with Ladies and Gentlemen and ended with Click Click Boom!! I was feeling pretty good getting into the music and getting some 420 videos. I even switched it up in a few where I would take a drink then take my hit! All I know is that during the last song, after I finished taking my 420 video, security came in and grabbed me and started pulling me out of the crowd. Once we cleared the crowd, the security guy told me I had to leave for smoking inside. I told him I understood and I was in the wrong. The next thing I know the owner of the club is there and he is asking security what’s going on. When they told him, at first it seemed like he was going to give me a warning and let me finish watching the show. Then an undercover cop walked up and starts telling me how he can take me to jail and if he sees me again, he’s going to take me. He was basically being a dick but I just told him I understood and that I was in the wrong, which I’m sure is not the response he was expecting. Finally the owner looked at me and said I needed to find my daughter and leave, and I told him okay, I understood.

Well as I headed back toward the crowd, to find my daughter no one was escorting me and the next thing I know, my cousin is grabbing me and telling me lets go as he drags me back into the crowd, back up to the front. We managed to get right back to our spot, but I decided to hang back a few people instead of going on the rail where I could be easily seen. A couple of times security came walking by, I was told they were looking for me, but I just ducked down and tried to stay out of sight.

When Puddle of Mudd came out I waited for them to play 2-3 songs before I made my way back on to the rail, where I watched the rest of their set. Since I had already been caught smoking and threatened to be taken to jail, I didn’t even attempt to do another 420 video. My daughter recorded the entire set and I just sat back and enjoyed the show! Puddle of Mudd was amazing from what I remember! There are still some parts that are blurry from their set but my memory of it was they did great! They of course played all their top songs and even did a few covers which included War Pigs! This was the first time seeing them and I hope I get the chance to see them again! Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing any of these bands again! I did manage to get a pick, and so did my daughter, from Puddle of Mudd!

As we were leaving the venue and I was outside waiting to talk to a couple friends, one of the security guys came up to me and said, “hey I am sorry we had to try and kick you out but the undercover saw you and we had no choice.” I again explained to him that I understood and that I was sorry for doing that. Though I may smoke weed in these venues to get my 420 videos, I always try to respect their place of business. I don’t want to find myself in a position where I get banned from some place. All and all it was a great night! Had a lot of fun with my daughter and cousin, who had never been to this type of show with me before. He even called me the next day to ask what was the next concert I was going to LOL!!

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