Megadeth / Lamb of God – Broadmoor World Arena Colorado Springs, Co

With so many concerts coming up this year, I really debated on going to see Megadeth, however when they did the 4 seat bundle for $20 each I thought how could I not go! So, I bought 4 tickets for me, Jess, Lexi and Cody. The day of the show Lexi and Cody decided to upgrade their tickets so they could get down into the pit. Jess and I talked about it but decided to stay in our seats. Since we weren’t rushed to get in and Jess and I didn’t drive we hung out in the car during In Flames and most of Trivium’s set.  As we were walking in we could hear them playing Feast of Fire, which is the only song I know by them. Instead of going straight to our seats we just popped into the section we were walking by to catch them playing that song. Once they finished playing Feast of Fire we headed to our seats and grabbed a couple of beers on the way. We also ran into a friend I know from Facebook, so we stopped to talk to him for a minute. Once we got to our seats Trivium was just finishing up so we hung out and finished our beers, took a few pics and then grabbed a couple more beers. Our seats by the way were really good for $20. We were just to the right of the stage in row B in the 200 level. We had a perfect view of the stage.

Once we got back to our seats Lamb of God was just coming out on stage. Jess and I were sitting at first but then decided to stand like we normally do when we have seats. I think Lamb of God was maybe 2 or 3 songs in when a guy who was sitting behind us asked us to sit down. I explained to him that we preferred to stand up, as we weren’t the only people standing up. He immediately gets an attitude and tells me that I am going to sit down. I laughed at him and no I wasn’t and continued to stand there dancing and singing. I really wasn’t trying to cause any trouble. In fact, after that song that was playing I leaned back and told that guy. We have these 2 seats next to us since Lexi and Cody weren’t using them and if they wanted they could use them. The guy tells me there are 3 of them and we should let him move down into our seats and we could take his. Then the guy next to him, says something to me, which I didn’t hear. I told them again that if they wanted the 2 seats they could take them but I wasn’t going to give up my seat and I wasn’t going to sit down. The both of them flipped me off and said something I couldn’t hear. I just laughed at them again and turned around to continue rocking out. They ended up moving over a few seats so that they could continue to sit down and see and then they left before Lamb of God finished their set. Speaking of Lamb of God’s set, they put on an amazing show. I only knew 1 song by them, Redneck, but honestly after seeing them live I have become a fan. In fact next time they come through town I will be sure to see them again. As we waited for Megadeth to hit the stage, we went to the restroom and grabbed another beer. We got back to our seats and started talking to the people in front of us. Then I noticed the guys that were sitting behind us also came back to their seats and the one was giving me this dirty look. I honestly don’t know what I said to him but he was telling me he was going to find me outside. I just laughed at him and told him sure.

I think we were sitting there for maybe 10-15 minutes before Megadeth came on. The minute they hit the stage the place went crazy! Though to be completely honest I think the place was still pumped from Lamb of God’s set. Dave and the rest of the band did a great job, they played a lot of their hits. Dave engaged with the crowd a few times which was cool. This was my 2nd time seeing them, the first time was at Blue Ridge, which they did a great job at. Last night and at Blue Ridge they played 11 songs. It would have been nice to see them play more of their songs, but I am glad I got to see them again. They are coming back in October with Five Finger Death Punch, I am not sure I will be able to make that show as Jess and I have a lot of shows and could be traveling in October but we shall see.

After the concert we headed out, by this time Lexi and Cody had come out of the pit and came to sit with us. Jess and Lexi didn’t want me to confront that guy again so they moved me along. As we got to the bathrooms we decided to go before we left. As Cody and I were heading towards the men’s room those 2 guys walked up to me. The one guy who had first asked me to sit down says, why were you so disrespectful? I looked at him and said I was nice enough to offer you my seats next to us, then the other guy started saying something to me, I honestly don’t remember. All I know is I told that guy if he wanted to fight I wasn’t going to back down to him. He stood there for a minute and then said, “eh you’re not worth it” and the two of them walked away. It was a shame they had to cause the trouble they did. The whole point in going to shows is to support live music and have a good time. Oh well, needless to say, they didn’t ruin our experience, we all had a great time.

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