Lynyrd Skynyrd Fiddlers Green Denver 2019

From what I know there is only 1 original member left in the band which is Gary Rossington. I have never seen Lynyrd Skynyrd before, so I never saw them with the original members but they did a hell of a job that night! I was excited for this show, as I am for most, and it didn’t disappoint. When I bought tickets for this, I bought GA lawn seats, since seat tickets were kind of expensive and I was just happy to see them live. I went to the show with my daughter and we met up with some friends at the show. As always we got there early to make sure we could get a good spot once they opened the doors. With there being 3 entrances we decided to line up at the north gate. When we got there, there were already people in line, not many, about 4 people, so we had a pretty good spot and I expected to get a good spot once we got in. As we sat outside waiting to get in we, of course, smoked some weed and made friends with the people in line around us. Once they let us in, the girls all headed to check out the merch and we made our way to the front of the lawn, we got a spot right in view of center stage. We secured our spot by laying out a blanket and some coats so we would have enough room for the girls when they got back. As we sat their waiting, the place started to fill in and people started to set up all around us. Then, all of the sudden, one of the people we had made friends with in line came up to us and said there was a lady walking around giving away free upgrades to seats! We quickly walked over to her and asked if we could have 5, since that was how many of us there were. She thumbed through her big stack of tickets and handed us 5 tickets!! Since the girls still weren’t back, we headed back to the spot we had originally saved. We told the guys behind us that since they were a large group of 20, not all of them were there yet, that they could take our spot after we moved. As we continued to wait for the girls to come back, a drunk couple walked up behind us and the girl started standing next to us. The guys I was with told her that those spots were taken and they couldn’t stay there. The girl continued to try and engage with us and we just started ignoring her, knowing she wasn’t going to stay there; however, after a few minutes the guy she was with walk up from behind us and started standing next to her, like they were going to take our spots. The guy I was with told them again, they couldn’t stay there and they needed to move! Usually I’m the guy having to tell people not to do stuff like that, not that I mind doing that, or when they try and cut in line, so it was nice to sit back and watch someone else handle the situation. It was actually quite funny, as the night went on we encountered that couple a few times. Anyway, they ended up moving, even though she kept trying, but the guy she was with finally told her lets move. Once the girls we were with got back, we gave the spot to the people behind us and we went to find our seats. The seats were a $55 upgrade that we got for free, and they were much better than where we were sitting on the lawn. The opening band that played was ok, they sounded more like country music, but at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert they fit in good. In between bands I stayed in my seat, since we were outside there was no need to go somewhere else to smoke. I was excited for Bad Company to come on since I knew and liked so many of their songs and had never seen them live in concert either. They did an amazing job! They of course played all their greatest hits, which was A Lot Like Rock and Roll Fantasy, Feel Like Making Love, Bad Company, and Shooting Star, just to name a few! I think they sounded great and after seeing their set, I was pumped to see Lynyrd Skynyrd! Between bands, the guy I was with and I headed to the bathrooms. As we were walking towards them, he was telling me that before Bad Company, when he was walking around, he ran into that drunk couple again. I guess some words were exchanged and he ended up flipping them off, well as he is telling me this, that drunk couple come walking right by us. They must have heard, because the girl stopped and looked at us and gave us a dirty look. What were the odds we would see them so many times and that as he is telling me about them, we see them again? Thankfully that was the last time we saw them for the rest of the night. Once we got back to our seats, we had minutes before Lynyrd Skynyrd came on stage. Again, another band with so many great songs and they played all the ones I knew! They sounded great, engaged with the crowd, and really kept the night rocking! The people I was there with had brought several joints, so besides smoking from my bowl, we also smoked those throughout the night and we saved their huge joint, which you can see in my videos, for the early part of their set. We ended up lighting that up during Gimme Three Steps! If they hadn’t played Freebird last, we would have light it up during that song. I did, as I mentioned, get video of the joint and several other 420 clips from throughout the night. All in all, it was a great show and I am glad I got the chance to see them on their final tour!

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