Lita Ford Herman’s Hide Away Denver 2019

Man this was an early day to start! Got up around 4 am to get ready. My girlfriend had training that morning so after dropping her off I headed to my sisters to spend time with my niece and nephew. I think I arrived at their place around 9 am. After hanging out for several hours my sisters boyfriend got home from work and they both got ready since they were coming to the show with me and my girlfriend. We left and took 2 cars so they could go get in line and hold our spot while I went to pick up my girlfriend from her training. We got to the venue about 430ish and the only people in line at that time were my sister and her boyfriend. We walked up to the liquor store to grab some drinks while we waited in line. I think we were there over an hour before members of the opening bands started showing up with their equipment. Of course I talked to a few of them and even got some picks and a poster from Lola love Black. Shortly after that people started lining up behind us and a lady I met at Puddle of Mudd who was working security walked up and talked to us for a bit. I of course also engaged with several of the people who were standing in line next to us including the house photographer. While we were waiting outside I also managed to get a few 420 clips including one during Lita’s sound check which you could hear in the back ground. After they let us in we made our way to the stage which of course we were right in the front as usual. At this point things actually are a little blurry. I’m not sure why I felt so drunk since I didn’t drink any more than I usually do. However from what I remember there were several smoke breaks where I did 420 clips with people outside. I remember leaving to go do the meet and greet with Lita Ford. I remember walking down this little hall way where she was standing at the end of. They had me on one side and someone else on the other side of her. I tried to take my camera out to get a video or picture and was immediately told to stop. I somehow continued to record and you can hear Lita Ford talking to me then you see me walking out and as I am security stopped me and took away the bottle I had in my back pocket. From there I remember getting back to the stage where me and my girlfriend decided to leave maybe 1 or 2 songs into Lita’s Set. I am not sure how I got so drunk as I didn’t even drink the amount that I usually do. Needless to say I missed pretty much her entire set and think that moving forward I’m going to give drinking at shows a break. Best to just stick to the weed!

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