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I have never seen Limp Bizkit live before. Last year they were supposed to play the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Jess and I decided to go to that festival based on them playing. At the time Blue Ridge didn’t even have the full line up or headliners announced. We didn’t care we both wanted to see Limp Bizkit so we bought our tickets. Then a few months before Blue Ridge Limp Bizkit canceled all their tour dates including Blue Ridge. Though we had a good time at Blue Ridge we were really disappointed we didn’t get to see Limp Bizkit. Quick side story. Earlier this year Jess and I decided to do the So What Texas Festival 5/27-5/28. We planned on driving a few days before the festival to see some family and maybe a little sightseeing. We were all set, then Limp Bizkit announced this Still Sucks tour with a Colorado date of 5/26. We knew there was no way we could go to that show, then drive all night to Texas and be ready for a 2 day festival. So What was a 3 day festival but we had only planned on going Friday and Saturday. We thought for sure we are going to miss this chance to see Limp Bizkit and who knows if we will get another one. So we decided to change our plans and buy tickets for the Limp Bizkit show and instead of drive to Texas we would just fly in early on Friday and be ready for the festival and fly back on Sunday. Which is what we did!

The day of the Limp Bizkit concert we left town around noon as we had a few stops and wanted to make sure we could get there early enough that if we decided to be on the rail we could. We kind of went back and forth as to whether we would do that or not. I had just had neck surgery 3 weeks earlier. I thought lets get their early enough to get on the rail and if things got crazy we could always back out and stand in the back. I’ll come back to that in a minute. So on the way up Lexi and Cody followed me so that I could drop my car off at my sisters then the 4 of us headed to the venue. When we got there, there was only 1 person in line, so we got in line behind him and started having a few drinks to pregame. You already know that I also smoked a joint before we went in. Doors were at 6:30 but they put us through security at 6 then had us line up at the doors. So Jess and I stood in front of one set and Lexi and Cody stood in front of another. Once they let us in we made our way right up to the front center stage! Our usual spot!

The first band to play was called Wargasm UK. The 1 guy who was in line before us, actually knew them and had gotten an all access pass. He stayed on the rail with us for their set then left, I assume back stage. The band themselves put on a great set. I didn’t know any of their songs. However they had very high energy and had the crowd going pretty good. I am also not sure why they were the first band since Dying Wish was supposed to play before them. Perhaps they were late to the venue?

Dying Wish was the next band to play. They also had a lot of high energy. Again I didn’t know any of their songs but they had a good sound. Sort of heavy, seemed like the crowd were also into their music. Even though they did just as good of a set as Wargasm UK, it was clear most of us were ready for Limp Bizkit, I know Jess and I were!

We still had to wait for Yung Gravy to play his set. Jess and I missed most of it because we ran to the bathroom and to grab some more drinks. I think I caught 1 or 2 of his songs. He was ok but not as exciting as the first two bands. He must have been more popular though since he was playing just before Limp Bizkit.

Once Limp Bizkit hit the stage the place went crazy. Not a lot of pushing and shoving but a lot of people dancing, jumping and definitely singing along with their songs. Since no one around us was pushing we were able to stay on the rail for the entire set. They came out with their new Dad Vibes song then continued to play hit after hit. They even did a few cover songs from INXS and Nirvana, as well as George Michaels, Faith!. Not only did they put on a great set but they also sounded really good! Jess and I were both happy we decided to fly to So What so we could make this show. At the end of the concert Jess managed to get a guitar pick and Lexi and Cody also got 1 each.

The one thing I wasn’t able to get, a 420 clip. As most of you know I usually try and get a 420 video of me smoking with the band in the back ground. Well I had my pipe inside my pants and I spaced I did that for a minute. Then after getting our spots, I went and bought a drink and went to the bathroom. When I opened my pants my pipe flipped out and landed in the urinal. There was no way I was going to use it after that. Besides that happening, I think we all had a great time! I know personally I hope I get another chance to see them live again!

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