Korn at Ball Arena (Pepsi Center) in Denver, Co 8/16/22

I have seen Korn countless times and every time they put on a great show. When they announced this tour I wanted to go but also already had a lot of concerts scheduled so I didn’t buy tickets. However 2 weeks before the show again the local radio station was giving tickets away all week. I thought if i can win tickets I will go and if I don’t, I wont. I planned to leave it up to fate. The week they were giving away tickets I tried every day and it wasn’t until Thursday. The DJ had people calling in and he would ask them a Korn question and you had seconds to answer before he would move on to the next person. So Thursday when he told everyone to call I did like I had every other day that week but that day he answered. He asked me what was Johnathon Davis’s middle name. I repeated the question back to him while I had Lexi googled the answer. The answer was Howsmon. The Dj was impressed I was able to google the answer that quick but he didn’t know I had help, not that that mattered. Because we won the tickets we got seats instead of GA tickets which I would have preferred but honestly I didn’t mind having seats. That meant we didn’t have to be there super early and in seats we had the freedom to come and go much easier.

The day of the show Jess and I headed up around our usual time once again just to avoid the traffic. Thankfully we didn’t the same traffic issues we had the day before however it still rained for a good part of that drive. Thankfully we had plenty of time since we had seats so we were in no rush. When we got to Denver we grabbed a bite to eat then headed to the venue. Since we were so early we just hung out in the car while I smoked a joint. After I smoked we headed up to see if there was a line and possibly a merch booth. There was no line except for the VIP and GA line. There were no other lines for people who had seats. They did have a merch booth and we checked out what they had. I was just going to buy a shirt outside but they told us they had more merch, different merch inside so I decided to wait. We went back to the car where I smoked another joint, mostly to just kill some more time. We still had over an hour before doors opened. We ended up getting in line about 30 minutes before they opened. I did want to get in and hit the merch booths before the lines got to long. Once we got in that was the first place we headed. We actually headed to the top level and there was a booth with no line so we walked right up and got the shirts we wanted. From there we headed to our seats. Though we were in the 300 level we had a good view of the stage.

The first person to play was Jeris Johnson and his band which didn’t have a name. He had a lot of energy and tried to engage with the crowd a lot. I am not sure how well received he was, there were times it seemed like the crowd was into his music and other times they were ready for him to get off stage. I had never heard of him before this. He did say this was his first live show on his 2nd tour. I thought his music was ok but not great. He had a couple songs he sang that were sort of other peoples songs. He did a kryptonite song which seemed like a twist on 3 Doors Down Kryptonite. Then he closed with a song that had some parts of the song Cut My Life Into Pieces by Papa Roach. They were certainly creative twists on those songs but I didn’t get into them.

After that first set Jess and I went down to guest services to see if there was anyway we could upgrade our seats. We didn’t have to have floor but something a little closer would have been nice. However, they told us that if we wanted better seats we would have to pay full price for that new seats. Since we didn’t pay for the tickets in the first place we didn’t want to spend money to upgrade so we kept our same seats.

Next up was Evanescence! I had seen them once before at Epicenter. Just like then, this time I only knew 1 of their song. Jess knew a few of them. Even though I didn’t know most of the songs I thought they were good. They had a lot of energy, engaged with the crowd. Thought I thought it was a weird mix Korn with Evanescence, there were a lot of people who where there that seemed to enjoy and know a lot of their music. Though I probably wouldn’t ever go see them as a headliner I did enjoy seeing their set and wouldn’t mind seeing them again if they were an opener or at a festival.

When Korn came on the crowd on the floor went crazy! You could see the mosh pits opening up a couple of times they were pretty big. Jess and I were standing in front of our seats singing and dancing. I was a little surprised that a lot of people around us stayed in their seats. They got up for a couple songs but for most of the sets they sat. Not Jess and I we stood the entire time. With so many good songs to choice from they did a pretty good job of picking their set list. Of course there are several other songs I wish they would have played, but I knew all but 3 of the songs they played and the songs I knew were all great songs! I managed to get a 420 clip during their final song “Freak On A Leash”. Once again Korn put on a great show, I was not disappointed! Korn maybe one of the bands I have also seen the most times. I can’t confirm or deny that, however I know I have seen them a lot of times throughout their career. With that said I hope to see them again in the future! Sorry I don’t have more or better pictures, the camera was having issues focusing from that distance and lighting.

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