Korn / Alice in Chains / Underoath / Fever 333 The Pepsi Denver 2019

What can I say about this show? It was Korn, Alice in Chains, and Fever 333, all bands I love! I’m not very familiar with Underoath, though this was my second time seeing them. Ultimately, I was there for the other three bands. I’ve seen Korn countless times and I’ve seen Alice in Chains and Fever 333 three times within the last year. I went to this show with my daughter, who loves Alice in Chains and Fever 333, she’s not a Korn fan, but she really wanted to get a good spot on the rail in front of Jerry Cantrell, so we got there super early. We arrived to the Pepsi Center around 9 am and no one else showed up in line until around noon, and when we arrived, we were greeted by a hawk sitting on a fence pole no more than fifteen feet away from the car. We grabbed our chairs and headed to the doors to stake our spot as first in line. Getting there so early definitely paid off, as the sun moved and the shade moved, we were able to stay out of the sun while everyone else sat in the sun. While we were standing in line, several people I knew from other shows showed up, including the guy from Skillet who I had known from other shows before, so we had a great time hanging out, listening to music, and passing the time. Of course, we also made new friends in line as well! Later in the day, a friend of mine’s son showed up to join us and I told him what our plan was once the doors opened, which really paid off, I was the first person to enter the venue! As I walked out onto the floor, I was able to pick any spot on the railing, so I got our spot just off center, to the right where Jerry would be playing. After we got our spot, a couple people asked me to hold their spots while they ran to the bathroom and got something to drink and as more people came in, some people behind me started complaining and saying that I couldn’t hold spots for other people. I told them too bad, we were here first and several other people were doing the same thing. They even tried to get a security guard involved, of course he didn’t make us move. As we waited for Fever 333, we made more friends in the group around us, which helped to pass the time and also helped us build a line of people for crowd control. Fever 333 came out full of energy, just like every other time I’ve seen them. They jumped, ran, and danced all over the stage; although this came to a brief half when the singer was speaking to the crowd about his beliefs and his truth when someone in the crowd yelled out that he was wrong. The signer then jumped off stage, right in front of me, to talk with the guy about their truths. After that, the show was back on and Fever 333 was back to their high energy set! The drummer was all over his drum set, the guitarist jumped and danced around the stage, and the singer jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed for a while. They were amazing and I’d love to see them somewhere like The Black Sheep! The crowd seemed really into Underoath, I don’t think many people knew who Fever 333 was. By this point, I was really ready for Alice in Chains and Korn! This was my third time seeing Alice in Chains, sadly I never got to see them with Layne, but they did an amazing job! They were super engaged with the crowd and played a lot of great songs! I wish they would have changed up their setlist a little, I think it was almost exactly the same as the last two times I saw them. Nonetheless, I was glad to see them again and will see them any chance I get. My daughter got Jerry’s pick, he handed it to her, after he finished playing Rooster with it! She was super excited; she had been hoping she would get a pick from Jerry. I thought it was a little weird to have Alice in Chains open for Korn, because their such different styles of music, but I was glad to see both bands. The crowd really pushed forward and space got tight after Alice in Chains. I knew the crowd was going to be crazy, in fact, one guy almost got kicked out before Korn came on as he tried pushing his way to the front. Security pulled him aside and told him to chill, which he did for a little bit, but after a couple of songs by Korn, he was pulled out of the crowd, by the crowd, and pushed over the barrier. Once Korn hit the stage, it was on! The crowd was wild, and the place exploded! Korn always puts on an amazing show and this was no different. I’ve seen Korn too many times to count and I’ll continue to see them when they come around. Security was tight on smoking that night, but I was able to get some 420 clips, although I had to be discreet!

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