Knotfest Road Show The Pepsi Center Denver 2019

I bought tickets for this concert the day they went on presale. I was really excited for this one and wanted to make sure I got a great spot so I paid for the early entrance VIP package. The day of the show I left my house around 6:30 am and headed north. I stopped in Fountain where I met up with a couple of friends so we could drive up together. Once we got to the Pepsi Center we got out to see where we needed to line up at and how many people were already in line. Surprisingly there was only about 4 people already in line and only one of them had a VIP ticket like me and one of the friends that was with me. This guy who I can’t remember his name decided to hang with me as the day went on since we had the same tickets and he was unsure where to line up for the VIP. We went to ask the people around the Slipknot trailer to see if that was where the VIPs lined up. It was however they told us we couldn’t start lining up until 3pm when they opened the museum. I explained to them the reason I got there early was to line up and be first in line to get a good spot inside but they at first didn’t seem to care. So we went back to where the general admission line was and hung out until about 11:30 when I decided to line up at the box office since anyone who had a VIP ticket had to stop there first to get their actual tickets. There was already one guy there so I was second in line. As we waited, and as I suspected, more people arrived and lined up before the box office opened. When I got in to get my tickets there was a whole ordeal since the tickets were purchased with my daughters ticket master account, even though I had the receipt confirmation showing she paid and I was the one picking them up they didn’t want to release them to me. They tried to make me step out of line and have my daughter call some number so she could release them to me. I refused to leave the line and called my daughter at her work that moment. After a little more back and forth with my daughter on the phone they finally gave me the tickets. After I had my tickets I went back to the slipknot trailer just to see if there was a chance we could start lining up earlier. I talked to a couple of guys who were working and though they said we couldn’t they understood where I was coming from and said as long as they were there and saw me once the line started I would be in the front no matter what. I thanked them and left for about an hour and went back to hang out with the other people in the general admission line. After about an hour I started thinking if I had the trouble I had with getting the tickets since they weren’t in my name was I going to have trouble with getting into the VIP area? I went back to the slipknot trailer and asked them what I needed and they told me as long as I had a picture of her ID I would be fine. Luckily I was able to get a copy from my daughter well before it was time to get in. Since we still couldn’t line up until 2pm, which was what they were now saying, I went to hang out under some trees away from them but in clear view of the trailer, just in case someone else tried lining up. As other people saw me they also gathered around but didn’t really form any kind of line. Around 1:40 I was talking to the guy who was hanging out with me along with my friend and I noticed people had started lining up. I immediately walked over and walked to the front of the line and said I hope you don’t mind but I was here before all of you. Thought they weren’t happy they didn’t give me any trouble which was good since I didn’t see either of the two guys I was talking to earlier who said I was first as long as they saw me. Once we got our VIP badges and tote bag with a Slipknot book we headed to the main doors where they would eventually let us in for the early entrance. I was first in line once I got there however there were other people who bought higher VIP packages which gave them meet and greets and earlier access into the venue. I think I watched around 50 people go in before us but I figured not all of them were looking for floor spots so I was still feeling good! When they let us in the venue we tried lining up to get on to the floor but we were told that we had to go to the 100 level for the early merch purchase, even though we were only interested in lining up. Since we were forced upstairs a small group of us decided to line up by the stairs that went back down as we figured everyone was going to have to come down those stairs to get back down to the floor level. After waiting for maybe 15 minutes we all decided to walk down and see if we could get in line and no one stopped up so we lined up at the door that lead on to the floor. I was again first in line!!! When 4:00 hit they let us through and we made our way out on to the floor, however as we walked in you could see people walking down from the 100 level so I took off and though I wasn’t able to get on the rail there was only 1 person in front of me. Behemoth was the first band and though I had never really heard of them before they were really god! They were super heavy dressed in costumes, and at one point, I think it was the bassist who spits out a mouth full of blood into the audience. They had some pyro which was cool and over all did a great job of getting the show started. Gojira was the second band and I knew 2 of their songs before that night and thought they also did an amazing set. The singer engaged with the audience and it seemed like a lot of people knew their music. At this point the place was starting to pack in and the crowd was starting to get more pushy. When Volbeat came out it was clear there was a lot of their fans there including one of the friends who I went up with as Volbeat is her top band of all bands! She was super excited the crowd was excited and Volbeat delivered an amazing set. I think they played 12 or 13 songs and of course included all their top hits and a couple new songs. This was my second time seeing them, the first was when they toured with Metallica and I remember them putting on a great show back then as well. I tried to do a few selfie 420 clips off my wax pen but haven’t had a chance to review them yet, hoping I got a few I can post on my YouTube channel. As soon as Volbeat finished their set the crowd that was already packed, got even more packed as people started pushing forward to get closer for slipknot. The space was tight, probably the tightest I have been in for a long time. There was pretty much no room to move and Slipknot hadn’t even hit the stage yet!! As you can imagine once they did the crowd erupted and the whole place was bouncing!! The band came out and opened with People = Shit which really got the set off to a crazy and great start! Throughout the show people were singing along, jumping, crowd surfing and I am sure moshing. However where we were it was so packed there really was no way to form a mosh pit so all we could do was jump and try and hold our position which was right behind the same person I was behind all night. I was in fact able to hold my spot throughout the set. Slipknot came and they put on an amazing set! So far this might be the best show of the year! It will be hard to top however I still have tickets to see GNR later this year my top band of all bands! However Slipknot just like the last time I saw them really put on a great performance and really engaged with the crowd. Played a lot of their top hits and new songs. They have so many good songs it was impossible to play them all so the songs they selected were all great ones! Just wish they would have played Snuff. By the time we got out of the concert we were all soaked in sweat from being so packed in there and with everyone jumping around. I was able to get one 420 clip during their set but during most of the songs it was too hard as the crowd was moving and there really was no space. I should have that video along with videos from all the bands that night on my YouTube channel, be sure to check them out. If you have the chance to see Slipknot on this tour I would highly recommend it! Well worth it!!

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