Joyner Lucas at the Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Co 10/5/22

At the end of August my dad calls me one night and says that he wants to buy tickets for this Joyner Lucas show for my brother in-law’s birthday. This is one of his favorite rappers and he wants Jess and I to all go with him, my dad and sister. Even though I had never heard of the guy before I told him that we would go for my brother in-laws birthday.

The day of the show, Jess and I headed up later than our usual time but we still managed to get to the venue at 4:30 and we beat my dad and those guys there. When we got there, there was maybe 6 people in line which wasn’t too bad. Jess and I went ahead and got in line. It wasn’t long after that, that more people showed up and lined up behind us. I think it was just after 5 when everyone else got there and joined us in line. While we waited in line we had some drinks and just got caught up with each other. It was nice to have that time with my family.

As we got closer to doors opening, they moved all the VIP people to the front of the line. There was probably 25-30 people that moved up in front of us. They also let all the VIP’s go in about 30 mins before the rest of us for their meet and greet. Once they did let us in, we made our way to the front. We still managed to get on the rail which was actually just a rope. We didn’t get the center, but we still had a great view from the side of center stage. Once we had our spots, we took turns running to the restroom and getting more drinks.

It was about an hour after doors opened that the opening act Symba hit the stage. I didn’t know a single song he sang. However, he did put on a good set. He was upbeat and really engaged nicely with the crowd. I enjoyed his set, of course the drinks helped some! When Joyner Lucas came out the place was clearly ready. The crowd gave a little push and the space got much tighter! My dad got moved off the rail and ended up behind some people that were behind him. My sister ended up grabbing him and bringing him back up to the front with us. It was shortly after that that security asked my dad to go to the back and get some water. They were concerned he was a little too drunk. I guess after that they told Louie the same thing, so they all ended up leaving. They not only went to the back, but they ended up leaving the show. It was just few minutes after that I was standing there dancing and security told me the same thing. I was buzzed but I wasn’t that drunk. Jess who had only a beer tried to explain to them I was just dancing but they told us we had to leave. I was told I could leave on my own or they could remove me. It wasn’t worth fighting with them, so Jess and I also left. I think they were upset with my dad, and they knew we were all together, so they asked us all to leave. Either way it was kind of shitty. Thankfully it wasn’t a band I knew. Despite the issues with my dad and security we all still had a good time.

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