Imagine Dragons at DICKS Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Co 9/5/22

The last time Imagine Dragons came to Denver they sold out and resale tickets were so expensive I wasn’t able to go. Jess and I had talked about traveling to see them in the past as well, though we never did. So when they announced this new tour I knew I wanted to go. Before tickets went on sale my daughter and sister also said they wanted to go so we all ended up buying our tickets together when they did the pre-sale. This was the first time in a long time this group of us had been to a concert together. In fact the last time was for Disturbed in 2018, when I first met Jessica. We had my son there for that one and Cody wasn’t but it was still nice we were all able to do this show together. The day of the concert I had a friend I met at Guns N Roses offer me his extra GA tickets for free. I didn’t take them, even though I wanted to. I wanted to hang out with the family since we planned on doing the show together.

As usual that day we headed up early to avoid some of the traffic. Since we got there early and were going to drive right by my sisters house we decided to stop there and hang out for a while. Always nice when we can make that work and I can spend time with my dad, niece, and nephew. After about an hour we all headed up to the venue where we planned to have a few drinks before the show, which we did. When we got to the venue there was a huge line so we had planned on waiting for them to open doors and let the line go down before we headed in. After we got in Jess and I checked out the merch. I knew I wanted a shirt but the line was huge. I walked towards the front of the line and saw a small group of people lingering around the front so I kind of stood behind them and slowly made my way into the line. After grabbing some merch we found the rest of our group and made our way to our seats. We hadn’t been there long before the concert started.

The opening act was Macklemore. I had never seen him live before. Though I only know a couple of his songs I was excited to see him. I do think he did a great show for his set. He played the songs I knew which were great and the ones I didn’t know were upbeat, they kept me pumped through his whole set. He engaged with the crowd which is always nice. I really enjoyed his set, but I was really excited for Imagine Dragons to hit the stage. When they came out there was no one sitting down, at least in our area. It wasn’t until 3 or 4 songs later that some people started sitting down. However Jess and I stood the entire time. We were singing and dancing. The entire stadium got flashing bracelets which were cool. The set list they played was great. They played so many of their hit songs. He engaged a little with the crowd as well. He told the story about his sister dying of cancer and him watching her go through what she went through. He explained how that was his inspiration for his song Demons. I think everyone in our group had a great time. I think Imagine Dragons was great live! I am so glad I can say that I got to see them and hope that I get a chance to see them again in the future as well as Macklemore.

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