Hinder at the Venue in Denver, Co 7/19/22

I found out that Hinder was coming to Denver 5 days before the show. When I found out I told Jess and we decided to go. I’ve seen them once back in 2011 but Jess had never seen them and this was one of her bucket list bands. 

The day of the show Jess and I left town around 1:30. After gassing up and a few pit stops we got to The Venue which was also the name of the venue. Neither Jess or I had been there before. When we got there we were the first people to arrive. We ended up hanging out in the car for about an hour and half. While we were sitting there we got to watch all the local bands arrive and unload their equipment. around 5:30 we went to get in line. While we were standing there one of the owners was talking to us. He was telling us all about the venue and some of its history. A few minutes later I think one of the other owners came out and said we could come inside if we wanted. So we did! 

Once we were inside we ordered some cokes and hung out at the bar. We were able to watch the sound check for both of the opening bands. We even managed to get a few pics with them. When they first let us in they told us that 30 minutes before doors they would kick us out which they never did. Once they started letting people in Jess and I went up to the stage to get our usual spot. While we were there the bass player from the first band took a pic of Jess and I then took one with us. 

The first band to play was called A Broken Circle. I thought they had a rock with a slight country sound. I thought they did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up. Not too many people were up at the stage during their set which was a little surprising. I did get a pick from the bass player. 

The next band to play was called Immortal Synn. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at least once before. When they hit the stage they brought a ton of energy. The singer was really engaging with the crowd. They had a 90’s hair metal band vibe. I thought they did a great job and certainly wouldn’t mind seeing them play again in the future. I also got a pick from the guitarist and their set list. 

By the time Hinder came out the crowd was ready. There were a lot more people up by the stage and the place was full. Though I don’t think it was a sold out show. I should also mention that we didn’t find out until after we got to The Venue that Hinder had a new singer. I don’t know how long he’s been the singer but I was expecting the original guy. The new guy was good but he didn’t sound anything like the original singer. As I said he did a good job. He was very engaging with all the women in the front. He would take their phones and record from the stage. He ended up taking my phone for the last song while Jessica was holding my phone. He even put the microphone up to her which was cool. Though he didn’t really engage with me,  I did manage to get a pick from him. I also got the bass player to throw me one which I caught on camera. For their last song, Get Stoned, I tried to hand the band a joint but they didn’t take it. At the very end Jess managed to get the set list and I got a few more picks from the guitarist. Though it was a new singer I think they did a great job as well. Once they left the stage we headed to the bathroom where we saw the singer and guitarist. We tried to get a pic with them. They told us sure but in a minute they’d be back. We didn’t wait long but they never came back. We went outside to see if we could catch them at the tour bus but they never came out. 

Before we left we did manage to get some pics with the drummer and guitarist from Immortal Synn. All and all Jess and I had a great time. We’re both hoping to catch them again when we go to Blue Ridge.

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