Hell Yeah The Black Sheep Colorado Springs 2019 (2nd Night)

This is the last concert I have scheduled this year. I was glad to see both nights of Hell Yeah and Nonpoint! I went with my daughter to the 2nd night since she wasn’t able to make it to the first night. She had just had surgery earlier that week on her knee. She wanted to try and be right up front but from what I experienced the night before with the crowd I told her that wasn’t a good idea. However when we got there which was about an hour before the doors opened we meet some friends who were at the front of the line which we were able to cut in with. Thanks to one of those friends (Sue) who brought my daughter a walker with a seat for her to use which came in handy throughout the night. The plan once we got in was to find a spot up front but off to the side (the only place there was to sit). We figured that we would start there and if we needed to we would move to the back. As people started to fill in there seemed liked there was a spot right up against the rail so we moved there and thought we would see how that went. We stayed there for maybe 15 mins before we decided to move back to our other spot on the bench. By this time there were a lot more people around that area. They of course were all drinking and we also seemed to be right in the walk way for security that kept going back and forth. I had my daughter in the chair up against the bench and I stood in front of her blocking her leg so that no one would bump into her. We sat there all through Deep Falls set and I managed to keep people away from her leg even though I got a few dirty looks from some people. While they were setting up we left our spot to go outside and smoke. As we got outside they let us move to an area where no one else was allowed so that no one would bump into her. When we went back in they even cleared the crowd and stopped people from coming in and out while she was going back in. We decided to stay in the back instead of going back up towards the front. However the place was pretty packed so we stayed right by the door which was also right by the bathroom and trash can. While Nonpoint played I again positioned her so that I could block her leg from getting hit by people. Several people tried to cut between us and in fact I thought I was going to have to push this one guy because he was persistent. While Nonpoint was playing the singer from Deep Fall walked by so I managed to get a picture with him right outside of the door. Nonpoint again was great and I even went live on several of their songs on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When they finished we again went back outside and the security went out of their way to help us, they again stopped the flow of foot traffic and let us stand in an area that was away from everyone else. We went back in and got the same spot near the exit by the bathrooms. While we waited for Hell Yeah to come out our friend Sue told us Nonpoint was in the back taking pictures and signing autographs. We didn’t have anything on us and trying to move my daughter through the crowd didn’t seem like a good decision. So I left her with Sue and left to get a bandana signed that Sue give my daughter. I headed to the back and most of the members were there so I got them to sign the bandana and was able to get a picture with each of them. I got back to where my daughter was and just in time as Hell Yeah was hitting the stage. They did another great show, which they changed up the set list a little but still really good seeing them two nights back to back. I watched a lot of the show but I was also focused on the people around us as I wanted to make sure that no one bumped into my daughters leg. I don’t usually hang out in the back as we try and get as close to the front as we can. However it was cool being in the back and at a place like the Black Sheep, there is no area with a bad view. It was cool not worrying about my spot and being able to move around, see and get pictures with band members. It was also a little entertaining watching all the drunk people security was removing throughout the night. Again was a great night and I had a blast and hope there is a chance I get to see them again and with them playing their greatest hits!! So many songs I wish they would have played like You Wouldn’t Know, Alcoholn Ass, Hell of a Time and several more!

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